Buster Olney Contemplates the Unthinkable

Unlike most of you, I think, I actually like ESPN’s Buster Olney a lot. Not only did he grow up a Dodger fan in Vermont, his daily link collection is immensely useful, and he’s even promising a feature on John Ely tomorrow.

All that said, I think he may have gone off the deep end today:

The Dodgers’ payroll has been on lockdown, however, diminished by about 40 percent in recent seasons, and with the McCourts’ divorce proceedings in the slash and hack phase, ownership might not approve a significant midseason expenditure, such as Oswalt.

The truth is that maybe the best chance for the Dodgers to get some money freed up by midseason would come if the leading columnists in L.A. were to generate a daily drumbeat of sentiment for the team to spend some money. In other words: T.J. Simers and Bill Plaschke, the eyes of Dodger Nation might be turning to you in the Roy Oswalt sweepstakes.

I don’t care if it resulted in the Dodgers picking up Roy Oswalt, Cliff Lee, Albert Pujols, and Joe Mauer – I don’t ever want to be in a position where we have to look to Bill Plaschke, of all people, to be our voice in the community. Besides, as best as I can tell, Plaschke hasn’t even been bothered to write about the Dodgers since April 17, when it was – surprise, surprise – a negative article about the team’s slow start. Before that, it was April 5, complaining about Ronald Belisario‘s late arrival to camp. Typical Plaschke, isn’t it? He pops up to whine, but when the team surges into first place, he hasn’t been heard from in over a month. Sure, he’ll use the excuse “I’m on the Lakers beat,” but that’s all too convenient, isn’t it?

So thanks, Buster, but no thanks. If you’d like to help hammer the McCourts on the damage they’ve done, by all means, we’ll welcome you. But Plaschke pretending he represents the Dodger fan? Pass.