This Team Is Ortiz-Free

Dylan Hernandez with the news that’s made my day:

Justin Miller called up from triple-A Albuquerque; Ramon Ortiz DFA’d

Finally! That’s two lousy Ortizii gone in two months. Way to get the holiday weekend off on the right foot! Sure, Ortiz hadn’t pitched since last Wednesday anyway, so it makes me wonder why they let him eat up the roster spot for that long, but who cares: so long, Ramon. Don’t come back now, you hear?

As for Justin Miller, he’s a 32-year-old veteran of parts of six seasons with Toronto, Florida, and San Francisco, with 197 MLB games to his credit. Don’t let his shiny 3.18 ERA from last year with the Giants fool you too much, as his FIP was 4.91 thanks to a mediocre 36/27 K/BB rate and a surprisingly low .244 BABIP.

Still, if there’s one thing Miller’s got going for him, it’s that he’s not Ramon Ortiz, and he has been very productive in AAA in 2010. In 18 games for the Isotopes, he’s allowed just six earned runs with a nice 25/8 K/BB rate and a 1.027 WHIP. Miller is what he is, and that’s a mediocre, somewhat-usable veteran righty reliever, with a fastball that barely tops 90 and a heavy reliance on his slider. His career ERA of 4.84 fits nicely with his 4.90 FIP, which sounds exactly right. But again: he’s not Ramon Ortiz.

Now, not to let anything get in the way of this joyous occasion, but… wasn’t it just yesterday that Joe Torre said that Ortiz would be backing up Carlos Monasterios on Friday? And didn’t Tony Jackson say, also yesterday, that Jon Link was the front-runner for the promotion? Lesson learned: trust no one.

Looks like it’s time to update the Old Guy DFA-o-Meter to all Anderson, all the time. The bell tolls for thee, Garret…



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