If John Ely Had Enough Innings to Qualify…

…he’d be 3rd in the NL in K/BB ratio, behind two guys you may have heard of, Dan Haren and Roy Halladay.

…he’d be 12th in the NL in ERA, right above Roy Oswalt, Yovani Gallardo, and Barry Zito.

…and most mindblowingly impressively, he’d be 2nd in WHIP and 2nd in OPS allowed, behind only Ubaldo Jimenez and above¬† Halladay and everyone else in the NL.

And as the kicker, his FIP is actually just 2.09, lower than his 2.49 ERA.

Each week, we keep saying that a soft-tossing rookie like John Ely just can’t keep it up, and that hitters will figure him out eventually… and then he goes out and duels Dan Haren to a draw. If anything, he’s actually even better than those stats above show, since they include his mediocre 5 ER in 6 IP debut on a cold day in New York. He’s made six starts since then, and allowed 1, 2, 2, 2, 1, and 0 earned runs, while making it through at least six innings every time. If you ignore that first start, his season line is¬†1.80 ERA with a 33/5 K/BB ratio.

At some point, we’re going to have to stop looking at Ely with a giddy awe at this newfound treasure, and realize that he’s the real deal, here to stay. Not yet, perhaps. But pretty goddamn soon. (PS. Juan Pierre‘s hitting .241/.306/.271 for the White Sox right now. Ha!)

Oh, and Matt Kemp hit a walkoff homer. He’s sorta good too. Day game today!

(awesome fake SI cover from PA_Dodger via Sons of Steve Garvey)