Chad Billingsley Heads to the DL

Well, this came out of nowhere, and lets let Dylan Hernandez tell the story via Twitter:

Chad Billingsley to the DL with a groin strain.

Billingsley felt something in his last start, according to Torre.

Billingsley underwent an MRI exam on Sunday; no structural damage.

When I first heard Billingsley was going to the DL, my first thought was of course, “damn does Ned Colletti hate having to DFA anybody,” considering that the hot topic lately was who was going to be DFA’d once Vicente Padilla comes back this weekend.

That’s clearly not the case here, though. Regardless of how injured Billingsley is, you screw with fake injuries with guys like Charlie Haeger and Jeff Weaver, not a starting pitcher who – fairly or unfairly – is seen as being somewhat fragile.

I was going to discuss how this would impact the rotation, with Haeger, Scott Elbert, and James McDonald all unavailable for various reasons, but Jon Weisman already has the answer:

Joe Torre says Padilla is ready to go and will be activated. Ely Thursday, Monasterios Friday, Padilla Saturday, Kuroda Sunday

Yes, that means Rule 5 pick Monasterios will be starting in the first game against the Red Sox in Fenway, sure to be an outright circus. On the other hand, ESPN has the Boston starter for Saturday as “undecided”, so the Red Sox may not be in much better shape.

More immediately, there’s no word yet on who is being recalled. One would think that there’s no urgency to do so today as – with the game starting in 20 minutes in Cincinnati – there’s no one who’s going to be able to make it to the park. I’d guess we’re likely to see Jon Link or Travis Schlichting headed back up for the next few days, only to go right back down when Padilla is activated.

Update: Hernandez confirms that it will be Schlichting.



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