Dodgers Head Into Boston…

I had big plans for this weekend, you know. Like Roberto from VSIMH, I’d planned on heading up to Boston for the most anticipated series of the season – Manny and the Dodgers entering Fenway Park. Of course, unlike Roberto, who’s on a cross-country trip that’s probably the experience of a lifetime, I’ve been to Fenway Park well over 100 times, having lived there for seven years and working for NESN in 2003.¬† I’d managed to score tickets to a game the last time the Dodgers made it to Boston in 2004 (Pedro vs. Nomo. Ha! Seems like a million years ago.) so what would stop me from heading up this weekend to see all the old college friends and the sure-to-be-hilarious reaction of Sox fans to Manny?

Well, I suppose the fact that I’m in a wedding this weekend with all of those college friends headed down to take part would do it, right? Bah!

So, unfortunately I may not be as active this weekend as I’d otherwise like to be, which would be fine if they were playing the Pirates or something. Oh well.

In the meantime, enjoy Sons of Steve Garvey‘s all-too-true piece on how the Manny drug-exemption story is a complete joke, and Jon Weisman’s look at how the Manny trade has been an unqualified success no matter how you look at it.

Oh, and can we get off John Ely’s back, please? I realize his last few starts haven’t exactly contributed to #ElyMania very much, but the speed at which people are jumping off the bandwagon is amazing. He’s got a 4.15 ERA and a 1.220 WHIP, and he was essentially the 11th starter when the season began. His start yesterday against the Reds was, granted, awful, but let’s not forget that even Clayton Kershaw has a terrible start now and then. I’m hardly ready to torpedo a guy who gave up a few homers in a ballpark well-known for such things, especially when most of this is that he’s a victim of unreasonably high expectations created by his hot start. Hey, maybe Ely can make adjustments, and maybe he can’t. But he’s earned the right to try, and it’s not as if the Dodgers have any other great options right now. Even when Chad Billingsley returns, it’s going to be Carlos Monasterios who gets the boot from the rotation, so you’d think that Ely gets at least three or four more shots before it’s reasonable to have a serious conversation about replacing him.



  1. [...] fine start by John Ely, who has rebounded from a tough start to June to be effective once again¬†- exactly as I said he would. Ely’s made 12 starts this year; he’s completed five innings in 11 of them, and allowed [...]