That’s More Like It

14-1. Home runs by Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, and Rafael Furcal. 5.2 more scoreless innings from Clayton Kershaw. Multi-hit games from Kemp, Ethier, Furcal, James Loney, Blake DeWitt, and Xavier Paul, who got on base three times and – as you may have heard – is pretty good. Six – count ‘em, six – errors by Arizona, including three by Tony Abreu alone, which can’t be making Kirk Gibson feel secure about his chances of keeping his new job. And 2.1 more scoreless innings by Travis Schlichting (recalled today when Ramon Troncoso was surprisingly sent down, which I hoped for but never expected), getting him up to nine scoreless on the season.

Yeah. That’s a nice way to turn things around after yesterday’s loss, right?

Oh, and Jonathan Broxton came in, of course, to close out the blowout. There’s that, and he did give up a homer to Mark Reynolds, who’s only one of the best home run hitters in baseball. I can’t wait to hear the “Blame Broxton” crowd come out on this one. You’d think, after all the ranting we’ve done about his usage lately, that this would be exactly the kind of thing which would start the mobs to get their pitchforks. On the other hand, he hasn’t pitched at all since that Yankee game last Sunday, so it’s hard to argue he isn’t properly rested now.