Chad Billingsley. F. T. W.

After one of the more embarrassing losses in recent years, could there have been a better timed gem from Chad Billingsley, especially coming off his stinker last time out in St. Louis? In just the second shutout of his career – the first also coming at home against the Giants, in 2008 – Billingsley managed to set a career high in pitches (125) while also striking out just three, and saving us from the horror of watching Hong-Chih Kuo enter for the second night in a row despite having thrown two innings yesterday (though he did warm up).

Casey Blake, it should be noted, had both RBI as the club snapped a six-game losing streak and avoided a sweep. Tonight, however, belongs to Billingsley. Hopefully, one would think, this would go a long way towards quieting his detractors. I, for one, can’t wait until the morning to see how much further this drops his FIP, which was top-25 in MLB even after last week’s rough outing.

Boy, it sure is a lot easier to write about a quick, clean shutout instead of a monumentally confusing disaster, isn’t it?

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