Scott Podsednik Heads West

Let’s play the always fun game, “can Mike get this post up before his phone dies while sitting at CitiField watching the Mets getting crushed.” Reports are that the Dodgers have traded two prospects for Royals OF Scott Podsednik.

In a vacuum, I don’t hate this as much as you’d think. He’s had two decently okay years for KC, and he’s an asset on the bases. Assuming that this expedites the release of Garret Anderson, its a plus. Its not a game changer, but its an improvement.

Of course, it all hinges on who the minor leaguers are. Its impossible to judge this trade until then, so consider this a conditional “okay deal”.

Update: E.Pimentel & Lucas May. I update my position to “huge fail”. Pimentel, as I remember, was having a breakout year, and May was raking in ABQ. The catching depth is now razor thin. Horrendous.

Update 2: I was advised to look up pictures of Podsednik’s wife. I hereby withdraw any and all objections to this trade.



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