Tonight’s the Night for John Lindsey

I present four points:

1) Tonight, the Padres start lefthanded rookie Cory Luebke, who’s making just his second big-league start. He gave up two homers to the Rockies last week in his debut, despite the game being in San Diego, not Colorado.

2) Dodger first baseman James Loney is hitting just .211/.255/.299 against lefties, and just .206/.278/.322 against everyone since the All-Star break, including 0-4 with 2 K last night.

3) The primary right-handed backup at 1B, Ronnie Belliard, was sent packing via DFA just yesterday.

4) John Lindsey, everyone’s feel-good story, has not yet received a plate appearance since his recall. His line against lefties in AAA this year was .430/.477/.719, and while I’m sure there’s a lot of ABQ in that line, that’s still pretty ridiculous.

Seems pretty clear, right? The offense is stagnant, Loney can’t hit lefties – or anyone, really – and you have a power bat who crushes lefties dying for a chance. There’s no better time for Lindsey to start than tonight, and there’s no excuse if it doesn’t happen. It’d be one thing if it was just a nice story to watch in this dismal season, but there’s real baseball reasons to do it as well.

Ideally, this wouldn’t be the only move; Andre Ethier should absolutely not be playing against a lefty tonight either, and I wouldn’t be crushed to see Russ Mitchell at 3B rather than Casey Blake, but not starting Lindsey at 1B tonight is truly indefensible.

Do the right thing, Joe.

Update: Well, sort of. Dylan Hernandez reports that Mitchell will be starting at 1B tonight. It’s not Loney, and it is one of the new arrivals, so that’s nice, but starting Mitchell over Lindsey does seem odd. points out that they think comments made by Ned Colletti point to Lindsey playing a bit in the upcoming series against Houston.