John Lindsey Must Be a Saint

Who’d have thought that after 16 years in the minors, three inches from the plate still wouldn’t be close enough?

I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it myself. After 16 seasons in the minors, John Lindsey was finally going to get his shot. He heard his name over the PA, strode to the plate to pinch-hit with men on and one out… and after a Padres pitching change, Joe Torre did the unthinkable and called him back to the dugout, so Andre Ethier could hit into the most predictable double play in the world.

Technically, Lindsey did make his major-league debut; you’ll see his name in the box score. But I imagine he’s going to be looking both ways before crossing the street just a little bit extra for the next few days, because after this, I’d believe just about anything that could happen to stop him from finally getting to the plate.

It’s not often you’d hear people upset that a longtime minor leaguer gets replaced by your All-Star power bat. But I mean, at this point, give the fans what they want, and everyone wanted to see Lindsey. My Twitter feed when this all went down was hilarious, and I’m not even just talking about Dodger fans; anyone who cares about baseball was dying over this.

Kevin Goldstein of BP:

Are you kidding me Joe Torre?

Molly Knight:

Oh are you KIDDING me, Joe Torre? You have got to be kidding me.

And then Joe Sheehan went on a tear:

Classy, Joe. Real classy. Your team is going nowhere, and you do that to the guy? Awful. Probably Manny’s fault.

That’s a quality AB, Andre. My god…we should have a quitting contest between the Dodgers and Cardinals.

If the Dodgers were concerned with being fair to the pennant race they wouldn’t have waived their best hitter.

Chemistry update: Dodgers are 2-7, averaging 2.1 R/G since waiving their best hitter. In a related story, they saved $120,000 today.

Podsednik, since being anointed upon Manny’s being traded for nothing: .100/.100/.267. Nice guy, though.

I just want the Dodgers’ performance after the release to be part of the story, too. At least it’s factual and sourced.

Yeah. This is where we are with the season right now, and then Torre had to snatch the one bright spot we’ve all been waiting for away. Granted, it’s one at-bat in a meaningless game, and even Lindsey was laughing about it. Still, it’s just another level of frustration in this never-ending season of disappointment. On the bright side, another loss means they’re one game closer to elimination, and an announcement on Torre’s future.

As for the rest of the game? Sure, stuff happened, I suppose. But really, all you need to know is that the Dodgers got shut out for about the 73rd time this year.



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