Russ Mitchell Is Getting His Money’s Worth

The official Dodger Twitter feed has tonight’s lineup…

#Dodgers lineup: Furcal-6, Carroll-4, Blake-5, Ethier-9, Kemp-8, Johnson-7, Mitchell-3, Barajas-2, Kuroda-1

…and what’s notable here is that Russ Mitchell is getting his third straight start, two of which have come over James Loney. That’s the same Russ Mitchell who’s 0-5 with a K in his first two games, and who I said I didn’t have high hopes for. Don’t get me wrong; this is a good thing, since I’ve been saying that it’s time to see what the new guys can do for a while. It’s just very odd, especially on a Joe Torre team, to see a mid-level prospect like Mitchell get that sort of immediate treatment.

My prediction? Tonight’s the night they break out, because it’s the first time since July (I believe) that neither Scott Podsednik or Ryan Theriot are in the lineup. They’ll put up 11 runs on 14 hits, and then tomorrow¬† Torre will play them both, saying, “runs are nice, but we need more grit.”