It’s Like Deja Vu All Over Again

Dodger starting pitching, awesome. Dodger offense, crap. I’d go into that a little deeper, but haven’t we been there already?

Taking what small victories we can, Chad Billingsley had run his streak of innings against the Giants without allowing an earned run to 30.2, before being victimized by a bloop single in the 7th. Lest anyone still argue the value of wins and losses for pitchers, note that his ridiculous 11-10 record includes losses or no-decisions in games in which he allowed earned run totals of one (4/25 @ WSH), two (6/28 @ SFG), one (7/4 @ ARI), zero (7/30 @ SFG), two (8/11 @ PHI), one (8/16 @ ATL), zero (9/3 @ SFG), and one (tonight).

As for the offense, the less said the better other than Andre Ethier‘s solo homer in the 9th; just another four-hit, punchless day. Ryan Theriot had yet another oh-for-four to go along with an error, and I’m pretty sure he hasn’t managed a base hit since the Nixon administration.

Really, the hardest part about this game came in the 8th inning, when the Giants scored an insurance run on a grounder to second with Kenley Jansen on the mound (though the run was charged to George Sherrill). It’s not that the run crossed which bothered me, because I didn’t have high hopes Dodgers were coming back to score against Brian Wilson anyway (though Ethier’s homer made it tighter). But Joe Morgan was hammering the Dodger infielders and the coaching staff for not having the infield play in with the runner on third, causing Theriot’s throw to the plate to be late… and I agreed with Joe Morgan.

I feel dirty now. Is it the off-season yet?

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