Congratulations, Russ Mitchell

Let’s take the bright spots where we can, and Russ Mitchell ending an 0-15 start to his career with not only his first hit, but his first home run, is worth noting. Why is the picture above of his back, and not, say, him following through on the dinger? Well, you can thank for having 47 pictures of fog and Jonathan Sanchez, but only this one of Mitchell.

Otherwise? Ted Lilly got bombed, and I can’t think of a single reason why anyone should be surprised that after his stellar first four starts, he’s got a 7.09 ERA and a 1.020 OPS against (and eight homers!) in the ensuing five. Did anyone really think he was going to keep up that performance? Of course not.

Of course, when your team once again manages only four hits – one by pinch-hitter Chin-lung Hu, of all people – it’s really not going to matter what your pitching does… not that anyone could have seen that coming.


I’m away for the weekend again, so you might not hear from me until Sunday evening. In the meantime, be sure to check out Dave Brown’s stellar interview of Vin Scully for Yahoo’s Big League Stew. Dave was kind enough to ask me to help with a few questions, but as other people have noted, Vin is so reluctant to talk about himself that interviews with him are often dry or generic. Dave was able to get Vin to share some new (to me, at least) facts and stories; I particularly enjoyed the “Seventh Inning Walk“.

Finally: yes, I’ve seen Peter O’Malley’s comments about Frank McCourt needing to sell, and yes, I completely agree. Of course, we started down this path when O’Malley sold to FOX in 1998, so while I like seeing more public pressure on the McCourts, O’Malley has to share at least a small portion of the blame here.