Dodgers Lose in More Ways Than One

Yes, the Dodgers lost yet again in another in a long string of otherwise unremarkable games. Really, even Clayton Richard is tossing shutouts at them now? And Joe Torre claims the club hasn’t quit. Other than A.J. Ellis continuing his hot streak with two more hits, this could have been just about any game from the last month – barely even worth mentioning.

Of course, the big news tonight occurred far from Dodger Stadium, as Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times (and again, I can’t say enough about his work on this) is reporting that the McCourt divorce case is expected to be resolved via a settlement. This isn’t good news because, well:

In any settlement, Frank would be expected to retain control of the Dodgers and Jamie would be expected to bow out. The McCourts had negotiated before the divorce trial began Aug. 30, but they were hundreds of millions of dollars apart.

If you were hoping this ugliness would end in a sale resulting from the forced split of the club, this isn’t a step in that direction – Frank would hang on to the team, and that’s not good for anyone. As always, follow Josh Fisher and Molly Knight for play-by-play from the courthouse.

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