Is This the End of Logan White’s Tenure?

Horrifying news just in, courtesy of BP’s Kevin Goldstein:

Some rumors starting to swirl about the #Dodgers and Logan White; or rather, Logan White and no longer with the #Dodgers.

There’s nothing more on this yet, but Goldstein has a ton of connections in the industry (earlier today, I wondered about Javier Vazquez, and within five minutes KG had checked with a big league exec.)

Obviously, it’s unfair to spectulate. But it sure is fun, so let’s do just that. There’s no obvious GM job, so perhaps he’s frustrated with the McCourts and is…

- Replacing Eddie Bane with the Angels?
-¬†Going to Arizona (where he lives) to be Kevin Towers’ assistant GM?
- Or he thinks he’s got a great opportunity with the Mets, who are certainly going to replace Omar Minaya?

More as it comes in, but so far: not good.

Update: Baseball America’s Jim Callis chimes in:

Talking to Logan White right now: He has not been dismissed by the #Dodgers.

Planning on working for the team until he’s told otherwise. @thinkblue1194: What has Logan White said about his future with the Dodgers?

No. Logan White says he sincerely wants to keep working for the Dodgers. @MikeSciosciasTI: Is that code for “it’s his choice”?

Hey, that’s me!