Ted Lilly May Be Sticking Around

Apologies for being incognito all week, but there hasn’t been much going on and I’ve been otherwise occupied. There’s finally something to talk about, as according to Dylan Hernandez, Ted Lilly‘s close to an agreement on a 3-year deal to return to the Dodgers.

This comes as no surprise, as we’ve been expecting this for weeks. It’s hard to offer a full judgement without knowing the dollar signs, but I’d guess that about $25m probably sounds about right. Obviously, with just two starters under contract for next year, bringing back either Lilly, Hiroki Kuroda, or Vicente Padilla (if not more than one) was a must, and while you weren’t going to get Lilly for less than three years, I must say the length worries me. Were I not checking in from a pub corner booth to pound this out on my phone, I’d reference the post I wrote a few weeks ago saying I wanted him back for one year, maybe two, but not three. His velocity keeps decreasing, and his flyball and homer tendencies are scary.

Still, this does fill a big hole in next year’s rotation, and we’ll need to see how the finances are structured. Now can they please get Kershaw signed?