Did You Want Dan Uggla?

I should be back at full speed tomorrow, but I couldn’t help but comment on this trade that just went down:

Braves deal is complete. It’s Dan Uggla to Atlanta for Omar Infante and Mike Dunn.

You may remember Omar Infante from when he was ridiculously named to the All-Star Game this summer, which apparently has inflated his value more than it should have. Infante’s a nice player, to be sure – I wouldn’t complain about having a .321/.359/.416 bat in my lineup – but he’s not all that much younger than Uggla (29 in July) and he’s not a building block for the future (he’s a free agent after 2011). Then you’ve got Mike Dunn, who’s basically just a throw-in; he was a 33rd round pick of the Yankees who went to Atlanta in the Javier Vazquez deal last winter. While the 1.89 ERA looks nice, the 8.1 BB/9 doesn’t really support that. Even in the minors, he had control issues, so he’s hardly a stud.

How stoked are Braves fans? Here’s Peter from Capitol Avenue:


The point here is not to bash the Marlins, though I admit I have absolutely no idea what the hell they’re doing. The question I have is, if that was the price for the Braves, what would it have been for the Dodgers, who clearly need both a 2B and a power bat? They may not have anyone specifically like Infante, but they could certainly do better than Mike Dunn – and you’d have to think that teams dealing within the division generally inflate the price.

I refuse to believe that this is the best the Marlins could have done for Uggla, coming off the best year of his career. While that’s more of a problem for the Fish and their fans, I’d love to know if the Dodgers were in on this and what it might have costs.