Winter Meetings, Day 1 (Updated)

How can you not love the Winter Meetings? It’s that special time of year where rumors fly like crazy (99% of which are proven false) and everyone in baseball gets together to wait around in lobbies for bits of news, yet still finds out about them via Twitter at the same time we do.

Anyway, rumors are half the fun of having a blog and they’re flying fast and furious about the Dodgers, so let’s do a round-up. I’ll update this as more come in today. 

Update, 2:23pm PST:

Steve Henson, buzzkill:

Source: dodgers have zero interest in prince fielder.

Have to love the winter meetings, right? Where nothing is true, unless it is, but even then it isn’t!


Update, 2:08pm PST:

Tony Jackson with our first “HOLY CRAP!” moment:

Multiple sources told’s Tony Jackson on Monday that the Brewers are talking to the Dodgers about a deal that would send Prince Fielder from Milwaukee to Los Angeles for Loney and embattled closer Jonathan Broxton.

Yes, yes, yes, a million times yes.


Update, 1:51pm PST:

Knight checks in again with a post full of WIN:

Heard the Dodgers are unlikely to bring back Podsesnik to play left, as they’re looking for (even modest amounts of) pop.



Update, 1:32pm PST:

Molly Knight checks in with some outfield talk in a series of tweets:

Heard this: Matt Diaz is the Dodgers first choice to fill the hole in left field.

But I think everyone recognizes how thin the available talent is at LF.. Sands should get a decent look next summer.

Feeling is Diaz could get a two-year-deal while the team waits (and hopes) for prospect Jerry Sands to hit. Option B would be Austin Kearns

Glad to hear Matt Diaz is popular, though I know other teams are into him as well. Kearns, not so much.


Update, 12:05pm PST:

Steve Henson clarifies his earlier tweet to confirm that his $95m figure does not include deferred salaries. If that’s true, then we’re looking at a $112m cap with them included, which means the Dodgers have about $5-$7m left to spend.


Update, 11:13am PST:

Hated the Rod Barajas deal? How would you have felt about this, via Tony Jackson?

Los Angeles Dodgers came tantalizingly close to signing free-agent catcher A.J. Pierzynski to a one-year contract before the Chicago White Sox added a second year to their offer, resulting in Pierzynski accepting a two-year, $8 million deal to remain with the White Sox.

A source with knowledge of the situation, speaking on the condition of anonymity, confirmed that the Dodgers were close to a deal last week that would have paid Pierzynski in excess of $4 million to join the Dodgers as the deadline neared for offering a contract to catcher Russell Martin.

Pierzynski confirmed to’s Bruce Levine that people had no idea how close he was to bolting the White Sox before they offered two years.

Pierzynski would have cost more than Barajas; though he had a similarly poor .300 OBP last year, his career mark is at least .324, higher than Barajas’ .284.


Update, 10:26am PST:

Steve Henson

Dodgers source: loney won’t be traded because he’d be too expensive to replace on free agent market

Boooo. There’s a logjam of decentish 1B out there. Loney’s going to get at least $4m in arbitration and possibly more. That doesn’t seem to fly.


Update, 10:21am PST:

RT @washingnats: #Dodgers want #Nats SS Ian Desmond and RHP Jordan Zimmermann for James Loney

HAHAHAHA. Um, and I want a pony.


Original post:

Jayson Stark:

#Dodgers hope to add 2 relievers. Working on Padilla as one of 2. Other clubs wondering if they add right arms whether they’ll move Broxton

Sounds as if Matt Guerrier is another reliever on #Dodgers radar screen.

We’ve heard about Padilla before, and I’ll admit it’s an interesting possibility to have him back as a relief ace/starter insurance type. I’m just not sure I see Padilla accepting that role when he could certainly get a gig as a fulltime starter elsewhere.

Guerrier’s a useful enough arm – 70+ games four years in a row, WHIP below 1.100 in three of the last four years – but you know how I feel about spending big money on non-elite relief arms. They almost never pay off, and Guerrier’s 32 coming off a year in which he made $3.1m. He’s probably going to get something like a 3/$13m contract, and I don’t think that’s what the Dodgers should be spending their remaining money on.

As for Broxton, I’ve been over that before. I have no problem with trading him if the deal is right; I just think it’ll be hard to find that as his value is lower than ever, and you can’t just give him away.

Ken Rosenthal:

While both the Cubs and Nationals are focused on free agent Carlos Pena, Loney is available, according to major-league sources.

The Dodgers would need to find a replacement for Loney if they traded him, but that should not be a problem in a free-agent market deep in first basemen.

Interest from the Nationals in Loney makes sense — the team recently hired Bob Schaefer as a special assistant in its front office. Schaefer previously was Joe Torre’s bench coach with the Dodgers.

The Cubs and Brewers also have inquired on Loney, sources said.

Similar to Broxton, I’ve been through this one before. I’d be happy to trade Loney, I just don’t see the demand. If he’s not likely to out-produce a FA 1B you could get for 1 year (say, a Derrek Lee type), then why would the other team want to give up pieces for Loney when they could just sign that guy?

Ken Gurnick:

The Dodgers have expressed interest in Matt Diaz, the outfielder non-tendered by the Braves last week. Diaz hit .250 with seven homers and 31 RBIs in 2010, but missed two months with an infected thumb. He would give the Dodgers a right-handed hitting complement to lefty Jay Gibbons for a platoon in left field. Diaz received $2.55 million from the Braves this year. He has an .806 career OPS.

Another non-tender, pitcher Jeremy Accardo from Toronto, also has hit the Dodgers’ radar. The right-hander has battled through three seasons of injuries, but in 2007 had 30 saves for the Blue Jays.

Love the idea of adding Diaz, as I’ve mentioned a few times over the last few days.


Adrian Beltre‘s agent Scott Boras is seeking five years and north of $70MM, tweets ESPN’s Buster Olney

And that ought to be the end of any faint-hearted hope you were getting Beltre back in blue.

Steve Henson:

Source: dodgers payroll will be $95M.

As I already mentioned, this is only possible if the Dodgers stop signing and start trading (unlikely) or if Henson is counting only the players on the roster in 2011, neglecting the $17m in deferrals still on the books.


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