Is Tony Gwynn Jr. Better Than Xavier Paul?

That seems to be the conclusion the Dodgers are making, judging by today’s signing. Gwynn, like Paul, is a lefty reserve outfielder. Gwynn, 28,  is a career .244/.323/.314 hitter. Paul hasn’t shown much in limited time in the bigs, but has been productive in the minors (.808 career OPS, a mark which he’s bested in each of his three AAA years).

I’m not sure I agree with the club here, but Paul is most certainly on his way out. The upside is that he should be worth at least something on the open market.

Update: Clearly, I wrote the above very quickly while running out the door. The more I think about this, the less it makes sense. While Gwynn is a plus fielder in CF, and that’s nice, the last thing the Dodgers need is another lefty outfielder, particularly one who’s not that great of a hitter – .304 OBP last year!. Is he going to spot for Jay Gibbons? Andre Ethier? Of course not. What they needed was two righty outfielders, not to replace the extra lefty outfielder they didn’t need with a lesser version.

On the other hand, this should put an end to any and all Scott Podsednik discussions.



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