Please Pay No Attention To This Rumor

Jon Heyman:

#Angels, #dodgers among possibilities for damon

I say to not pay attention to this for a few reasons. First of all, I’m still clinging to the faint hope that the Dodgers couldn’t possibly sign yet another lefty outfielder. Second, the tweet clearly just says “among possibilities”, without any source or indication that it’s anything more than just Scott Boras trying to pump up a fading market, and third, it’s Jon Heyman.

Still, it’s a particularly slow January, and people are going to talk about it, so I post it here regardless. I’ll note that Johnny Damon did have a .355 OBP last year, which nailed his career average, and if you were paying attention to yesterday’s discussion you’ll know that OBP is a skill in short supply for the Dodgers.

So there’s that. He’s also 37, barely had a .400 SLG last year, has one of the worst throwing arms in baseball, and is – yep – left-handed. So I’ll wait until a signing seems more imminent before I comment further, and instead I’ll leave you with what I’ve said about him the last few times this has come up.
December 6, 2010:

As I’ve said before, I’d love for that to be a right-handed lefty masher like Matt Diaz, Lastings Milledge, or Jeff Francoeur (or even two of them, given that neither Gibbons nor Ethier can hit lefties), but I’m mostly terrified that it’s going to be an over-the-hill lefty like Johnny Damon or Scott Podsednik, which would not only be a poor fit for the team’s needs, but which would then almost certainly be the end of Xavier Paul‘s Dodger career.

November 30, 2010:

Damon is all but unplayable in the outfield and had a .756 OPS last year. Varitek hasn’t been worth more than 1.0 fWAR since 2007.

June 16, 2008 (this is actually in reference to Juan Pierre):

As for fans not criticizing other outfielders with weak arms, let me just say that I’ve lived in the two cities Johnny Damon has played in for the last seven seasons, and even though he’s been a very productive hitter and a popular figure – yeah, he still gets ragged on for his lousy arm.



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