Anyone Want To See the Dodgers Wear The Most Bizarre Throwback Ever?

Okay, here’s something that’s actually pretty cool. For six weekday home games this year, the Dodgers will be wearing throwback Brooklyn jerseys. But there’s a twist, because these aren’t the standard Jackie Robinson/Duke Snider-era jerseys that we’ve seen in the past, which are essentially the same as the current version.

No, these are jerseys which I’m guessing that 99% of Dodger fans never knew existed. (I consider baseball uniforms and jerseys another dorky hobby of mine, which is why I follow UniWatch religiously). The Brooklyn Dodgers of 1911, 1931, and the 1940s looked quite different than the Dodgers you know today, and starting on February 7th, fans are able to choose from one of these three options:

Look carefully at the description of the third choice, because while the image above makes it look like it’s powder-blue in the same way that the Royals used to wear, it’s actually something a lot different.

No, really, a lot different:

Yes, that is a shiny, shiny satin. The idea at the time (remember, this was just a few seasons after the first night baseball game) was that it’d be easier for fans to see under the low-quality lights in use at the time.

I can’t imagine they’d really put players in shiny satin (especially during day games), though the press release does say “”The throwback uniforms worn in 2011 will be made of the same material and maintain the same feel as those worn by the Dodgers throughout the season,” which does seem to rule out actually wearing satin. If they don’t, that does sort of defeat the purpose. The first uniform does nothing for me – and the idea of the Dodgers in pinstripes is weird – and if it’s not satin, then I don’t need to see the Dodgers looking like the Royals. I do kind of dig the understated middle one, and if I can’t vote for the outright spectacle of a shiny satin jersey, then that’s without question my choice. Then again, I’m the only guy who wouldn’t mind seeing a solid blue alternate jersey every now and the, so what do I know.

Anyway, the vote is up to you. Voting starts on the 7th at


Speaking of uniforms, I received a tip a while back from a devoted reader (thanks, devoted reader!) that the team is possibly considering going back to having “Dodgers” on the road uniforms rather than “Los Angeles”, as they did for many years. I have absolutely no proof to back this up at all, so don’t put too much stock into it. How would you feel about that?