Report: Chad Billingsley Signs Three Year Extension

Thanks to Roberto Baly of the great Vin Scully is my Homeboy, we have unconfirmed reports that Joe McDonnell of Fox Sports is claiming (via his Facebook wall, no less) that the Dodgers and Chad Billingsley have come to terms on a three-year, $30+m contract extension. Billingsley signed a $6.275m deal to avoid arbitration for 2011 in January, and is on track to be a free agent after the 2012 season. McDonnell followed up with a tweet:

Dodgers, Billingsly reach 3 yr..30+ mil dollar extension. Some details 2 worked out before deal is official.

I want to analyze this, but there’s two pretty big details we need to know before we can reasonably do that. First, what exactly will 30+ mean? $31m isn’t the same as $38m, of course. Perhaps more importantly, does this tear up the 2011 deal or does it start in 2012? My initial feeling, when we heard just 3/$30m, was that it would start immediately, because while that seems about right for two arb years and one free agent year, it would seem a little light for buying out two free agent years. That said, the higher into the 30s this goes, the more believable that is, because then you could put the 1/$6m on top of it and think of it as a four-year deal in the mid-to-high 30s. Anyway, it’s pointless to really evaluate it until we know the details, but my initial impression is happiness, because I’ve been wanting to see some of the younger core players locked up for a while now.

As a sidenote, Billingsley is represented by Dave Stewart, which is notable mostly for the fact that it seems Stewart can still keep a working relationship with the club he got into such a public spat with last summer over Matt Kemp. For those hoping for a Kemp extension, this is a good sign.

More on this as we hear it.


Going back to my earlier post about the 25-man roster, if Aaron Miles, Mike MacDougal, and Lance Cormier do all make the club, the team will need to come up with two 40-man roster spots, which currently stands at 39. John Lindsey being DFA’d would seem like a no-brainer. Who else, though? Javy Guerra? Jamie Hoffmann? Luis Vazquez?



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