Fun News For Your Morning Coffee (Updated)

Wake up, Angelinos. It’s 7:24am, half of you probably aren’t even out of bed yet, and already we’re getting hit after hit after hit.

Let’s start with Casey Blake, one-third of the world famous “75% of our infield is injured and the other one is James Loney!” infield. Dylan Hernandez warns us not to expect him back any time soon:

Casey Blake is probably DL-bound. Elbow is infected. Fever spiked last night, forced him to go to a hospital.

Who had “three separate injuries and two DL stints in the first month” in the “Blake is too old” pool? Come claim your prize. For the record, while we have no real details on Blake’s infection, it does remind me of Xavier Paul getting a staph infection in his knee in 2009, a concern that cost him about half the season. Again, there’s absolutely nothing that says this is the same thing or in any way related; just something to keep in mind.

(Update: Hernandez now reporting Blake could be out for 4 weeks. But that’s okay, Russ Mitchell – hitting .214 in ABQ – would come save us.)

But as if the realization that the left side of the Dodger infield is never going to be healthy at the same time, thus dooming us to an enternity of Aaron Miles, isn’t bad enough, there’s also the news that the help you were hoping for in the bullpen this weekend might not be coming.

Dodgers reliever Hong-Chih Kuo‘s anticipated Friday return from the disabled list is in doubt after he retired only one of five batters in a Class A rehab assignment Tuesday night.

Kuo, disabled two weeks ago with a sore back that led to a relapse of the yips, was pitching on back-to-back nights for the first time this year after having allowed a run in one inning Monday night. In Tuesday night’s game, he was charged with two runs on four hits with one strikeout.

Oh, and Jerry Sands is also out of today’s lineup, so Tony Gwynn joins Miles, Ivan DeJesus, James Loney, and Rod Barajas in the “guys who aren’t Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, or Jamey Carroll” portion of the order.