Dodgers Suffer Four Losses In One Day

Yes, the Dodgers lost 5-1 to the Cubs today in what was basically an absolute snoozefest of a day game. That’s not too much of a surprise, because this was a getaway day lineup that featured Aaron Miles, Russ Mitchell, Dioner Navarro, Jay Gibbons, Tony Gwynn, and half of Juan Uribe. Ted Lilly gave up three homers – and the man always gives up homers, as this was the 40th time in his career he allowed more than one in a game – and the offense was predictably punchless, getting just six hits. (Two of which came off the bat of Miles, who’s now hitting a respectable .260 but continues to be the definition of an “empty” average.) If there’s any bright side, it’s that the embattled bullpen managed to get through the final third of the game without allowing any further damage in their low-pressure innings; Hong-Chih Kuo, Mike MacDougal, and Vicente Padilla all contributed one scoreless inning.

But no one really cares about the AAA squad dropping a day game the day before a day off, right? Of course not. Everyone’s going to be talking about the other three losses the Dodgers suffered today:

Early this afternoon, Jonathan Broxton was shut down with elbow pain. As I joked on Twitter, it’s a very odd feeling to hope that your All-Star closer has a shredded elbow. We’ve all noted before that finding something physically wrong would actually be a very good thing, as it would at least allow

Just before the game, and after he was included in the originally announced lineup, Andre Ethier was removed with – you guessed it – elbow pain. By all indications, this isn’t serious, and if it’s bothering him it’s great to allow him two consecutive days off, paired with tomorrow’s off-day. But by removing Ethier and including Gwynn in his place, it really underscored the well-known issue that this is a team that revolves around Ethier and Matt Kemp. Half of the time, it’s not even enough to have them both in an producing while the rest of the team flounders. Without one in the lineup, the offense seems doomed before the first pitch.

But that wasn’t all – in the fourth inning, Juan Uribe was hit in the hand by a pitch. He stayed in the game for another inning, but then left in favor of Jamey Carroll, who originally had the day off. That’s the third injury for Uribe in just over a month, and his absense left an infield better seen on Arizona fields in March. No word yet on his severity.

Tomorrow’s an off day, but I’ve got something interesting to share with you. Be here.

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