Dodgers Start Off Road Trip With a Bang


Hey, look, it’s the first post I’ve ever uploaded from a subway train, complete with a picture I took of Matt Kemp striding to the plate. If you saw the game, you knew it was officially over as soon as Hiroki Kuroda allowed Jason “Who?” Pridie to take him deep for a three run homer, but Kuroda was walking a tightrope before that anyway. Even before Pridie’s shot, it was clear that Kuroda was allowing the Mets to square up on the ball, none moreso than Ike Davis and the absolute bomb he put off a facade in right field.

On the plus side, it was fun to watch Mets fans groan as Rod Barajas – doing the only thing Rod Barajas knows how to do – put a ball into the left field seats, and Andre Ethier‘s three hits should hopefully alleviate too much worry about his elbow. I’m not sure how much of this came through on the broadcast, but there was also great fun during pitching changes – first, when Kuroda was lifted, Ethier trotted into the bullpen to rearrange his pants, and then when Mets reliever Pat Misch trotted nearly all the way from the bullpen into the infield before realizing that manager Terry Collins was merely talking to his pitcher, not removing him.

Less fun? That’d be either the guys decked out in full Dodger gear wondering why Casey Blake wasn’t playing, the Dodger fan next to me reciting the entire 1988 roster off his Iphone, seeing Juan Uribe & Aaron Miles put up oh-fers, or the drunk girls behind me talking about how their friend’s cousin’s sister’s friend had once dated a Yankee bat boy. On second thought, that last part was kind of entertaining.