Hong-Chih Kuo Got Kidnapped by Pirates

Presented without further comment, via Dylan Hernandez:

Mattingly said he can’t say what’s wrong with Kuo until the #Dodgers get league approval.

Okay, that’s a lie, because there’s definitely more comment. That’s a follow-up to an earlier tweet in which Hernandez noted that Kuo had been sent to the DL, with Scott Elbert recalled. Hernandez then followed with this doozy:

Are you expecting Kuo to return this year? Mattingly: “it’s hard for me to answer that.”

This could be any one of a billion things, and the way this season has gone, not a single one of them would surprise me. As I joked on Twitter, perhaps he was eaten by bears. (My favorite line was from one follower who noted, “Maybe his treatment is going to cost more than $5k, thus need for approval.”) Maybe he’s captured by space aliens. Maybe he got arrested for trying to hold up a bank. Maybe he went to Venezuela to find Ronald Belisario. Would anything at all, at this point, shock you? Let’s hear your best suggestions in the comments.

Of course, far more likely it’s something that’s immensely sad or depressing, especially for a guy who’s fought through as much as he has. Let’s hope it’s not that – but we’ll have to wait and see.

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