Dodgers Select LHP Chris Reed

With the 16th pick in the first round, the Dodgers have selected LHP Chris Reed from Stanford. I’m not a draft expert, and I don’t pretend to be. So here’s some pre-draft scouting reports, while we all try to learn a bit more about the newest Dodger first round pick.

Reed might be the best arm few knew about heading into this year. The Stanford lefty hadn’t pitched that much prior to this season and was serving as the school’s closer. He’s got the pure stuff for the role, with a fastball that he can get up to 96 mph, sitting typically anywhere from 91 to 95 mph, with good arm-side run. He complements the plus fastball (mainly a four-seamer) with an outstanding slider, giving him enough right there to excel in short relief. But while his command is average at best, he does have the stuff — his changeup could be a plus pitch in the future as well — along with a strong, durable frame. He’s still a bit of an unknown quality, but the stuff is there, and that kind of power from the left side doesn’t often exist. At worst, the team taking him has a lefty setup man who could move quickly. But there might be more there.


The genius of college coaches: Chris Reed, a 6-foot-4 left-hander who sits 92-94 as a reliever with two off-speed pitches that will at least flash above-average, has made exactly one start this year for Stanford, instead working out of the pen where he’s been successful but wasted.

Reed adds a sharp, short slider in the 82-84 mph range to that fastball and will show a very hard-fading changeup in the upper 70s, throwing strikes with all three pitches but not yet showing the fastball command he’ll need to start in the big leagues. He comes from a slot just under three-quarters and repeats his delivery well enough to start, although he could stay upright longer and get more downhill plane on the fastball. Many scouts like Reed as a potential starter, and we know he can pitch in the bullpen if that doesn’t work out, but I like his chances to end up a No. 2 or 3 starter once he’s stretched out.

Jim Callis, Baseball America:

LHP Chris Reed had late helium, goes to #Dodgers here. Signability had to count, but is a LHP who shows three plus pitches.

Baseball America:

16. LAD – Chris Reed, lhp, Stanford – Athletic lefthander will get a shot to start as a pro thanks to a mid-90s fastball and 3-pitch mix

Jim Bowden at ESPN live chat:

Dodgers took Chris Reed…..was Stanfords closer…like Drew Storen, great make-up, intelligent…signable, quick to major leagues…..wipe out slider….Big physical power lefty 92-94 good change-up…nasty nasty movement….will become a starter for them…..this was a great reach down and take my guy draft by Logan White who’s history includes the drafting of Clayton Kershaw…..I love this pick here

Kevin Goldstein at ESPN live chat:

Reed is a long-armed lefty with average velocity, average breaker and good changeup. Still needs a lot of refinement, as he didn’t pitch that much until this year. Seen by many as a supplemental or 2nd round talent.

Some higher-level pitchers had fallen, and no one really thinks that Reed was the best player still available. However, we all know that the Dodgers were constricted financially here, and Reed sounds like an easy sign. Still, that doesn’t mean that’s the only reason he was selected; clearly, some of the experts like this pick, and he’s coming off an excellent spring. More later.



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