At Least We’ll Get to See A.J. Ellis Now…

…and yes, I’m well aware of how depressing it is that I’m excited about the impending arrival of a 30-year-old minor-league lifer who hasn’t hit a homer since 2008 despite playing in Las Vegas and Albuquerque. Well, “excited” isn’t really the right word. “Mildly more interested than usual?” Maybe that works.

In the week or so since I wrote that Dioner Navarro should be DFA’d and Ellis recalled, Ellis has gotten on base eight times in four games, raising his season OBP to .482 with the Isotopes. Navarro has since added nine more hitless at-bats to his resume, sinking his line to .156/.207/.221. Of course, it’s not Navarro heading off; it’s Rod Barajas, who looked to severely sprain his right ankle last night and will be the 19th Dodger injury requiring a DL stint.

I’m happy to see Ellis up, though of course this isn’t the way I wanted it to happen. Besides the obvious issue of never wanting to see someone get hurt, Barajas had five hits in the last two games of the Colorado series before going 0 for his next 11. He’s still not any good, but depending on how long he’s out for the chances of shipping him off to some catcher-starved contender in the next month, even for a minimal return, might have just died.

With Ellis in the fold, the real question for me will be, how much playing time will he get? Navarro is putrid and showing no signs of improvement, and while Ellis offers no more home run ability than you or I, his patience at the plate and on-base skills are a perfect match for a Dodger team that is struggling to perform in both of those areas, as Tony Jackson wrote after Friday’s game. This really should be a 75/25 split in favor of Ellis, though I’m afraid it will be just the opposite.

Oh, and the Dodgers lost last night’s game 7-0 to Houston, after Rubby De La Rosa was effective for four innings and touched for five runs in the fifth (one, it should be noted, was yet another inherited runner that Mike MacDougal allowed in.) I’d say more about the game, but… who cares, right?




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