These Are the Trades the Dodgers Will Make This Weekend

Once again, I’m taking off for the weekend – this time to New Orleans – and with my history of having things happen when I’m gone in addition to the proximity to the trading deadline, you can be sure that something is going down in the next few days. It always happens. I just know it will. So keep an eye out for these moves on the transaction wire…

Dee Gordon to the Reds for Miguel Cairo.

What? Everyone keeps saying how much the Reds need a shortstop and that the Dodgers have one to spare, right? On the other hand, the Reds aren’t the only NL Central team needing some infield help…

Dee Gordon to the Brewers for Mark Kotsay.

Yeah, that feels about right.

(Actually, if it included Mark Attanasio, I absolutely would do that deal.)

Alfredo Silverio and Nathan Eovaldi to the Blue Jays for Octavio Dotel.

I mean, trading decent outfield and pitching prospects for Dotel worked out last year, didn’t it? I don’t know about you, but being able to get 27-year-old low minors outfielder Anthony Jackson in the system was completely worth it.

Trayvon Robinson to the Nationals for Jason Marquis.

Because some blogger had the brilliant idea of not overworking Rubby De La Rosa.

Jonathan Broxton to the Red Sox, Yankees, Angels, Brewers, or Cardinals for anything of any value whatsoever.

Wait, even for a joke article, that idea sounds ridiculous. Who would really suggest that there’s any trade market for Broxton, on the shelf for months with an elbow injury without any set return date?

Oh, that’s right: the geniuses at Bleacher Report. Of course.

Hiroki Kuroda to the Red Sox for Ryan Lavarnway.

Wait, that’s a trade I do want to see happen. How did that sneak in there?

Aaron Miles to the Cardinals for Trever Miller.

Because someone in the comments of a recent post, and I forget who so my apologies, wanted to see what would happen if St. Louis tried to play Miles, Nick Punto, and Ryan Theriot in the infield all at the same time.

Mike MacDougal signs a three-year, $16m extension.

Not a trade, exactly, but just as terrifying.

Vin Scully to FOX for another loan to cover payroll.

Gasp in horror if you like, but would you really put anything past Frank McCourt at this point?

Jamey Carroll to the Pirates for James McDonald.

That sounds okay, what’s the catch?

James McDonald to the Tigers for Brandon Inge.

Oh, for the love of…