Hiroki Kuroda Will Agree to a Trade, Unless He Won’t

I usually don’t make posts for quick, small items – the dawn of Twitter killed that, because I used to – but these back-to-back tweets by SI‘s Jon Heyman and the Boston Globe‘s Gordon Edes are too good to pass up.

Heyman, 1:49pm PT:

friend of kuroda says hed be surprised i hiroki consented to a trade out of LA. #tradedeadline

Edes, 1:50pm PT:

Kuroda has indicated to Dodgers that he is open to deals w/Texas, Bos, and NYY. Texas has been pushing hard#trades

The lesson, as always? Don’t believe everything you hear, especially when it’s 23 hours before the trading deadline, and especially especially if it was delivered in 140 characters or less.




  1. [...] of the speculation was fueled by Kuroda himself, since for most of July he refused to come right out and say that he would or would not accept a trade. Finally, one day before the trading deadline, he announced that he would be [...]