Dodger Game No Longer Rained Out, Forcing Dana Eveland vs Chien-Ming Wang On Unsuspecting Nation

Not shown: Kemp browsing through Best Buy for sweet deals.

Well, you just cannot make stories like this up. Earlier today, I thought it was odd that tonight’s game in Washington would be called off so far in advance of game time, particularly with the radar seeming to clear up as time went on. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one. According to a series of tweets from Adam Kilgore and Gene Wang of the Washington Post, the Nationals never officially canceled the game, despite the Dodgers’ assertion on Twitter that it was done. Kilgore tweeted:

About tonight’s Dodgers-Nats game: The teams agreed earlier today to postpone. MLB stepped in, told them to try. Rizzo talking to Torre now.

Even from beyond the grave (figuratively, let’s clarify), Joe Torre cannot help but screw with the Dodgers. And now the game is officially back on, after hours of total indecision on all sides.

Basically, this is how I imagine the conversation went.

Dodgers/Nats: Hey, it looks bad out, we’re not going to play.
MLB: Um, yes you are.
Dodgers: But we already said so on Twitter. Once it’s on Twitter, it can’t be wrong.
MLB: Shut up. You’re playing.
Dodgers: But Matt Kemp and Dee Gordon are gone. They went to Best Buy. (This is a real thing that happened.)
MLB: Well, get them back. Or else suffer through Eugenio Velez.
Dodgers: Okay, but, we already told Dana Eveland to go home. He won’t be properly warmed up.
MLB: Who cares. It’s Dana Eveland.
Dodgers: Good point. Okay, fine.