Court Deals Yet Another Blow to McCourt Ownership

After what seems to have been weeks of inactivity on the McCourt / MLB front, Bill Shaikin drops in with some concrete news, which I will display in a series of tweets even though I know that by waiting 20 minutes or so, I could just link to the inevitable LA Times article.

Bankruptcy court sets key #Dodgers hearing Oct. 31, Nov. 1, 2, 4. “The Court expects the Commissioner and Mr. McCourt to testify in person.”

That’s Halloween, of course. Selig will come dressed as a Stormtrooper, while expect McCourt to appear as Robin Hood. Oh, not because he wants to appear generous to those less fortunate, of course. He just likes the feel of the green tights.

Gross: “The Court will not permit [Dodgers] to take discovery into or of other baseball clubs. These cases are about the Dodgers.”

This is a big blow for McCourt, given the recent suggestion that he may try to drag the Marlins and the rest of MLB into this mess. No better way to try to deflect criticism of your own mess than to use the tried-and-true defense of every five-year-old, “but DAD! He did it too!”

BOTTOM LINE: McCourt: Selig has double standard in treatment of #Dodgers vs Mets, Marlins, etc. Gross: Other clubs not relevant.

BOTTOM LINE: McCourt: “Hey, an enormously huge part of my case rests on this one idea.” Court: “Get bent.”

Gross wants key issue resolved soon so #Dodgers can “utilize the approaching off season to prepare for the 2012 season.”

No. No, no, no. Don’t get sucked in by this, because I know it sounds lovely. As you’ll see in the next tweet, this is just about whether MLB has the right to be rid of McCourt if they choose to be. That does not mean that there would be any sort of new owner in place in time for this offseason, and if anything the finances could be even more of a mess.

If court schedule holds, we could have answer in early November about whether McCourt can hold onto #Dodgers or MLB can kick him out.

So tempting to be excited about this. Then we remember that McCourt almost certainly has about 27 more appeals lined up to last decades. Still, this is progress – and very, very bad news for Frank McCourt, which certainly brightens my day.

Forget Matt Kemp, as Jon Heyman appears to have already done. Bill Shaikin, MVP.