Season Reviews Start Tomorrow

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but tomorrow, we’re starting Year Five of the annual season reviews. This has been going on for long enough that the first one I did, 2007 catchers, featured Russell Martin, Mike Lieberthal, and Chad Moeller – and I couldn’t even find a picture of Moeller as a Dodger.

Anyway, it’s always a fun look back not only on how a player performed, but on what our perception was of them at the time, which I why I always try to quote liberally from previous posts. It’s often amazing to remember what you thought of a player in May as opposed to the end of the season – or in some cases, how you feel exactly the same. (It’s also an absolutely fantastic way to fill time while the playoffs are going on, since arbitration decisions don’t even need to be made until December 12, more than two months from now.) I’ll review every player, a decision I’ll regret just about immediately when I have to come up with something to say about Hector Gimenez.

As always, a word up front about the grading scale. The letter grades I hand out are entirely subjective, and most importantly, they’re based on what our preseason expectations were of the player, not based on comparing him to his peers. For example, Aaron Miles is going to get a higher grade than Andre Ethier, simply because Miles outperformed his subterranean expectations while Ethier’s season was something of a disappointment. Does the higher grade mean I think Miles is a better player than Ethier? Absolutely not, but that’s something I hear every year.

Also, a fun part of this every year, at least for me, is taking old Topps cards from my youth and creating one for each player reviewed, examples of which you can see below. (Thanks again to M.Brown of the LFP for help with the 1989 template, and be sure to check out and participate in his blog charity softball game.) What year will we be using this time around? Be sure to come back and find out.



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