McCourts Settle Divorce, and That’s Not As Exciting As We Once Thought It Would Be

It’s funny that this is the day we’ve supposedly been waiting for for nearly two years, yet now that it’s here it feels like an afterthought, one I’m writing about mostly because people will wonder why I didn’t rather than because it comes with any huge new importance: Bill Shaikin is reporting that Frank and Jamie McCourt have finally settled their divorce.

Frank and Jamie McCourt have reached a divorce settlement under which she would get about $130 million and relinquish any claim to a share of the Dodgers, multiple people familiar with the agreement told The Times.

The settlement would remove Jamie McCourt as an obstacle to Frank McCourt’s plan to retain ownership of the team by selling the Dodgers’ television rights in U.S. Bankruptcy Court. The agreement also would appear to set up a winner-take-all court showdown for the Dodgers between Frank McCourt and Commissioner Bud Selig.

That’s all well and good that another of the many barriers to finally ending this nightmare seems to be gone, but as Shaikin notes, this hasn’t been about Frank vs. Jamie for nearly a year. The fact that Jamie no longer stands in the way is nice, but is definitely more of an appetizer to the main course of Frank vs. Bud & MLB we’re going to see in court starting in a few weeks.

Besides, where is exactly is Frank getting $130 million to give to Jamie? It was only on Friday that Shaikin reported that “a combination of debt load, tax liability plus a loan assumed in bankruptcy could wipe out much, if not all, of his profit.” Remember, this isn’t the first time they reportedly came to an agreement, since we were talking about this in June, too. Of course, that agreement was worthless from the start, since it assumed that Selig would approve a new television contract, which he was certainly never going to do.

On the other hand, at least we now have only one awful McCourt clawing to retain ownership, if this report is true. So there’s that.