Winter Meetings Day Two Rumors: White, MacDougal, and a Bat

Though all of our moaning about Aaron Harang and the rest of Ned Colletti’s inexplicable moves has been, uh, “fun”, I guess, there’s still a few more days of the winter meetings, and that means rumors.

Danny Knobler:

Dodgers’ Logan White interviewing for Astros GM job, sources say

No surprise here, especially since White interviewed for the same job back in 2007. The Astros are in a bizarre situation thanks to the late ownership change – I can’t remember a team ever having gone to the winter meetings without a general manager – and now that they’ve been spurned by Andrew Friedman, they’re casting their net far and wide. White deserves an interview and probably a shot somewhere, though we’ve been through this before so I’ll wait until we hear he’s getting a second interview.

Dylan Hernandez:

#Dodgers meeting with Mike MacDougal‘s agent tonight.

Well, of course they are. I’m sure we’d all like to be appalled by this, but, come on. We all knew there would be interest in bringing him back, so let’s relax. Until, you know, MacDougal gets a backloaded two-year deal as well.


#Dodgers have talked to 4-5 teams about potential trades. Looking for a bat.

That’s potentially juicy, no? But where do you deal from? The two names that come up most often when thinking of trades tend to be Andre Ethier and James Loney, yet neither make sense here. You don’t deal Ethier if you’re looking for offense, and Loney would have just about no trade value. If you’re going to trade from depth… well, it’s hard to ignore that in the last week Colletti not only locked up a full five-man starting rotation for 2012, but for 2013 as well. (Which is even dumber than it already seemed when you look at some of the starters who could be available next winter, like Zack Greinke, Matt Cain, John Danks, Cole Hamels, Dan Haren, James Shields, Shaun Marcum, Anibal Sanchez, and more.) Since the Dodgers are deepest in young, righty starting pitching, and they’ve now blocked much of them for the next two years, it’s not hard to see a scenario where pitching prospects get moved for a bat. Nathan Eovaldi, Allen Webster, Chris Withrow, Garrett Gould, etc. – you’re on notice. (Before we panic, no one’s trading for an injured Rubby De La Rosa, and Zach Lee would be untouchable in all but the hugest deals.)

As for who that bat could be… well, it’d all but certainly have to be an outfielder. The recent signings of Mark Ellis, Jerry Hairston, and Adam Kennedy to go with Juan Uribe have filled up the infield – not that there’s really any second or third basemen worth trading for anyway – and there’s little question Loney will be returning. So it’d have to be an outfielder, one who could push Juan Rivera to the bench and Jerry Sands to the minors. The most popular name I heard on Twitter in response to this was Carlos Quentin, since the White Sox are clearly rebuilding based on their Sergio Santos trade today, which makes sense only if the Sox help with some of the ~$7m or so he’ll get in his final year of arbitration this year.

Who else? All suggestions welcome, though try to keep it realistic. (No, they’re not trading for Hanley Ramirez or Joey Votto.)



  1. [...] Bard-gate aside, there was actually some juicy news coming, as Molly Knight reported the Dodgers might have interest in Chase Headley, and Tony Jackson & Ken Gurnick expanded on Hernandez’s tweet that the Dodgers were persuing offense via trade. [...]