Video: Previewing the 2012 Season with Jon Weisman

Fun fact from last night’s game, courtesy of “The Green Lantern” in the comments: A.J. Ellis didn’t swing at a single one of the first 17 pitches he saw. Not. Even. One. While that’ll obviously only get you so far, keep that in mind the next time you see Juan Uribe swinging at everything within a ten-mile radius. And since the 2012 stats page is now live, you can now see Ellis rocking a .333/.500/.333 line, while Uribe sits at .000/.250/.000. (What’s this about small sample sizes, now?)

Anyway, prior to yesterday’s game Jon Weisman of Dodger Thoughts and I got together on another fun video chat, looking ahead to the 2012 season. Is the bullpen going to hold together? Who will surprise us this year? Is there any prayer this team really finishes behind the Rockies? Find out all this and more here…

Mike / Jon MSTI/DT chat 4/5/12 from Mike Petriello on Vimeo.