Dodgers @ Astros April 22, 2012: Vacation Starts Now

So here’s a thing: if the scheduled publish function on the new blog actually works as intended, you’ll see this game thread go live as I am somewhere in the skies over the western United States, on my way to a long-deserved week-long vacation.

That being the case, you won’t be hearing too much from me over the next week (though don’t be surprised if I pop up around Wednesday since I’ll be attending the Braves/Dodgers game that night). But fear not; I didn’t put so much work into relaunching this site to have it merely go dark for an entire week. I’ll still be opening game threads for each night, and I have (at least) three outstanding guest authors lined up at various points during the week. Please welcome them warmly, and use this post to enjoy the Dodgers going for the sweep today.