Patchwork Dodgers on Verge of Record-Tying Offense

Thanks in large part to a five-run seventh inning last night, the Dodgers are now on a six game streak of having scored six runs or more. That’s not only impressive, it’s getting close to historic.

Rk Strk Start End Games W L R 2B 3B HR BA OBP SLG OPS Opp
1 BRO 1945-05-05 1945-05-13 8 8 0 68 20 2 5 .315 .389 .450 .839 PHI,STL,CIN
2 BRO 1941-05-22 1941-05-30 8 7 1 53 18 5 6 .284 .363 .447 .810 STL,PHI,NYG
3 LAD 2001-06-26 2001-07-02 7 7 0 58 19 2 8 .347 .397 .527 .924 SFG,SDP
4 BRO 1953-08-27 1953-09-02 7 6 1 72 17 3 16 .380 .461 .659 1.120 CHC,CIN,STL,MLN
5 BRO 1943-06-18 1943-06-23 7 6 1 50 14 2 3 .292 .399 .404 .803 PHI,NYG
6 BRO 1919-09-24 1920-04-18 7 4 3 67 19 3 4 .332 .389 .477 .866 PHI,BSN
7 LAD 2012-05-17 2012-05-22 6 6 0 40 14 4 5 .333 .390 .505 .895 SDP,STL,ARI
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Generated 5/23/2012.

If the Dodgers can score at least six tonight against Arizona lefty Joe Saunders, they’ll tie the Los Angeles-era record for most games having scored that many in a row. Of course, doing it with a lineup that’s basically Andre Ethier, A.J. Ellis and a whole lot of Isotopes as Matt Kemp & friends have been on the disabled list certainly earns you some bonus points, because look at some of the other teams on that list.

The Dodgers will be on the cover of SI this week, so when they play poorly next week you'll know why.

The 2001 Dodgers finished in third place, mostly due to a pitching staff which had to squeeze 86 starts out of Terry Adams, Eric Gagne, Luke Prokopec, Terry Mulholland, James Baldwin, & Giovanni Carrara, but they had a formidable middle of the order. Almost every one of the lineups in the midst of their streak featured Gary Sheffield, Shawn Green, and Paul Lo Duca, each having massive career years, plus an up-and-coming Adrian Beltre and the final remnants of Eric Karros. (Today, by the way, is also the tenth anniversary of Green’s “four home runs among six hits” masterpiece.) The 1943 club had seven of eight regulars finish with an OPS+ above league average and a lineup which included Hall of Famers Billy Herman, Arky Vaughn, & Joe Medwick. We’ll bypass the 1919-20 line, which was done over two seasons nearly a century ago, and point out that the 1953 lineup was merely among the finest in club history – the glory days of Jackie Robinson, Duke Snider, Gil Hodges, Pee Wee Reese & Roy Campanella.

And the 2012 club? Other than Ethier & Ellis, it’s a new hero every night. It’s Bobby Abreu. Or Ivan De Jesus. Or Matt Treanor. Or Elian Herrera. Or Justin Sellers. At this point, it wouldn’t surprise me if they sent up Chad Billingsley to pinch-hit in extra innings and he hit a go-ahead grand slam.

I have absolutely no idea how they’re continuing to do this, with this lineup. All I know is, this is beyond our wildest dreams, and while there’s certainly going to be tough times ahead this season – there always are, for every team – watching them do this every night with such a revolving cast is fantastically entertaining. Now let’s see if it can be record-breaking, too.