The Least Depressing No-Hitter Ever

I’d like to say that I’m bummed out that the Dodgers got no-hit by a combination of the corpse of Kevin Millwood, Brandon League – AKA, “oops, I can’t believe we traded Brandon Morrow for this guy” – and four relievers you never heard of, but I really can’t. You know all those games where all those hits landed in exactly the right place, how all those bounces kept seeming to go the Dodger way? This is the other side of that; if there’s any surprise here, it’s that it all happened at once.

Embarrassing as it may be, it’s just a loss, and seemingly not as rare as it once was – this is the 12th no-hitter since the start of 2010. So a loss is a loss, and once again interleague play can’t end soon enough. Besides, we shouldn’t allow the lack of offense to totally overshadow six scoreless innings from Nathan Eovaldi, who struck out six in one of the best outings of his young career. He’s allowed just four earned runs in 18.2 innings across three starts this year, and while people may be turned off by his 0-2 record, he’s done a fantastic job filling in for Ted Lilly. (Which raises, again, the question of what sort of starting pitching the Dodgers are checking into.)

If history holds, the Dodgers will split the next two games and leave Seattle having lost two of three. On the bright side, they’ll miss Seattle ace Felix Hernandez, who has been pushed back to Tuesday against San Diego.