Disastrous Defense Dooms Dodgers to Defeat

The ump is trying to tell Hairston where first base is.

I’m trying to figure out which asking price increased more today in Dodger Stadium. Was it the cost of a starting pitcher, since Chad Billingsley‘s elbow concerns suddenly put additional pressure on a rotation which was already looking for an improvement? Or was it the cost of Chase Headley, who homered for the second time in two days while Jerry Hairston was throwing the ball over the park at third?

I feel a little bad putting too much blame on Hairston here, because he contributed two hits and actually made several absolutely fantastic plays to get to hard-hit balls at third before making his two throwing errors. (A problem he was hardly alone on, since Juan Uribe & Mark Ellis each had throwing miscues of their own, plus an error on a grounder to Jamey Wright, plus one from Josh Lindblom which didn’t go in the books an error since the runner didn’t advance. The five errors was the team’s most since 1995.) Yet since he’d already told Don Mattingly earlier this season that he didn’t feel comfortable at the hot corner, it’s difficult to look at a third base future that has an inconsistent Hairston and the dreadful duo of Uribe & Adam Kennedy and think that Ned Colletti isn’t trying to lay down in the parking lot right now to prevent the San Diego bus from leaving.

The defensive problems made an unfortunate loser of Chris Capuano, who pitched well in Billingsley’s stead. Well, not only the defensive problems; if you’re really going to put up just two runs over six against against Jason Marquis, who wasn’t even good when he was good, then you’re not going to win a lot of games. Really, you can blame everyone other than Hairston & Andre Ethier for that, since the rest of the club went 3-26 against Marquis & friends. Oh, and Josh Lindblom gave up yet another homer, so there’s that.

Again, I’m really not sure that this team, as constructed, should be going all-in for this season. But I am sure that the front office doesn’t feel that way, so expect moves to come. Lots of them, and soon. Oh, and Roy Halladay & Cliff Lee are coming in the next three days. Good times!