Another Dodger Collapse Getting Increasingly Difficult to Swallow

Stephen Fife, well done, and welcome to the bigs. And by “bigs,” I do of course mean the current collection of Dodgers which could manage only two runs off four consecutive hits in the second inning and just three more hits over the rest of the game.

Oh, sure, Kenley Jansen is going to get roasted for a “blown save”, and he’s not without blame. But after the mess Ronald Belisario left him, after another night of an offense which scares no one but Dodger fans, it’s pretty hard for me to get up in arms over Jansen.

Though the Dodgers went quietly in the bottom of the ninth, that’s the inning that really hit home for me. Down one, in a game that would be brutal to lose, and the best you can send up is Adam Kennedy, James Loney, and Juan Rivera? That’s not on Don Mattingly, since his options are so limited, but there’s not really one major league quality hitter in the bunch there.

Sorry, Stephen. You deserved better. See you in September.