It’s Our Turn This Time

dodgersfightphillies.jpgRemember the varied reasons that I laid out in trying to decide if I wanted to see the Phillies or the Rockies in the NLCS? You know, things like “2009 record”, “weather”, “national visibility”?

Yeah, I’m going to stick with “spite”. I like that one. “Spite” it is. Series preview coming today!

(Also: man, I was thinking this as I was watching the end of the game last night, and I’m glad Rob @ 6-4-2 mentioned it as well: what in the hell was Jim Tracy doing not bringing in a lefty to face Ryan Howard?! You get what you deserve, Rockie fans).

I Almost Feel Bad For Matt Holliday. Almost.

You might remember Dodger superfan “Troy from West Virginia” for his amazing worship of Joe Beimel – among several other videos that have appeared on various Dodger blogs – and for me semi-stalking him in Philadelphia last season.

This one, however, might take the cake, because while it’s so obvious I wish I’d thought of it myself – setting an opus about Matt Holliday to Green Day’s “Holiday” – it’s still fantastic. As we await an NLCS opponent, please enjoy:


So Who Are We Rooting For Here?

victorinorunsrockies.jpgNo matter who wins the other NLDS series, currently tied at 1 between Colorado and Philadelphia, the Dodgers are going to have to wait until Thursday night to start playing again. But who do we want to see coming to Los Angeles? Lets look at the important reasons to decide:


Big, big point in Colorado’s favor here. The Dodgers smoked the Rockies all season long, winning 14 of 18 and outscoring them 105-63. Meanwhile, the Dodgers beat the Phillies 4-3 and outscored them by one run.


Is there anyone who doesn’t want to pay back the Phillies for their 2008 NLCS victory? Granted, the Rockies are probably feeling that way about wanting to get another crack at the Dodgers for the 2009 smackdown that was laid upon them, but this is about the Dodgers. The only thing that could make a World Series sweeter is going through the team that knocked you out the previous year to get there.


It’d suck to have the Phillies go through LA to make it to the World Series two years in a row, no doubt. On the other hand, I’d probably kill myself if I had to see Jim Tracy celebrating a World Series trip at Dodger Stadium. The easy solution here is, of course, don’t lose.


With the Angels having already won their series, and the Yankees likely to finish off the Twins today or tomorrow, the ALCS is going to be a big-time matchup between America’s two biggest population centers and two very talented teams. Now which NLCS series do you think will capture the nation’s attention more – the Dodgers against the defending World Series champions, who hail from the East Coast and have been in existence for over 100 years? Or the Dodgers against the Rocky Mountain Wild Card team who got destroyed in their only World Series appearance, and who most Americans couldn’t name a single player from?


The Rockies have just one former Dodger, fan favorite Joe Beimel. If they move on, he’s someone you can feel good about rooting for.

The Phillies? Well, they have Jayson Werth, who accused Dodger doctors of misdiagnosing his wrist injury. Shane Victorino, who the Dodgers lost in the Rule 5 draft – twice. Chase Utley, who was originally drafted by the Dodgers but declined to sign. Paul Bako, who – while he only appeared in 13 games – is forever besmirched by being a part of the dreadful 2005 Dodgers. (And, somehow engendered enough ill will in 370 at-bats for the 2003-04 Cubs, and two months of spring ball this year, that he inspired the website Chan Ho Park, who spurned the Dodgers for promises of a starting job in Philly last offseason despite our warnings that he would absolutely fail – which he did.

Oh, and that other guy. Ramon Martinez’ brother, whats-his-name. He’s there too.

Big win for the Rockies in this category.


coorsfieldsnow.jpgCourtesy of Sons of Steve Garvey, here’s what Coors Field looks like these days (at right). The forecast for Game 3 tonight, postponed from yesterday, is 35 degrees, Are these any conditions in which to play championship baseball? Even worse, Colorado could concievably have two more playoff series ahead of them. Imagine what that could look like if they’re in the World Series in the first week of November? No thanks.


Jokes aside, as a baseball fan I asbolutely want to see Philadelphia win. I want to avoid the snow of Denver. I want to see a series that the country will actually pay attention to. I want to take advantage of all the reasons I said I was hoping to see the Phillies for in the NLDS, and I want to pay them back for dumping the Dodgers so badly in the NLCS last year. Plus, the added bonus for me that there’s a slight chance I could make it to one of the games. Dodgers/Phillies is the series I prefer to watch.

But as far as which opponent is going to be easier for the Dodgers to get to the World Series against, that has to be Colorado. The Dodgers have owned them all year, and the Rockies are having a ton of starting rotation issues of their own. It won’t be as much fun, but it’s the way to go if the goal is to see the Dodgers seeing the World Series – not, of course, that I don’t think the Dodgers could handle the Phillies as well.

Man, Thursday seems far away.

Game 1 Of NLDS To Begin Wednesday At 6:37 P.M., PST

It has just been announced that game 1 between the Cardinals and the Dodgers will begin DodgersNLWest20092.jpgWednesday at 6:37 P.M., PST. 

For game 2, it’s still a bit iffy due to what the Yankees want to do.  The Yankees can choose either a 7 day or 8 day playoff schedule.  If they choose the former, game 2 will be on Thursday at 6:37 P.M., PST.  If they choose the 8 day schedule, it will be at 3:07 P.M., PST.  Here’s the rest of the schedule, but without the times: 

Game 3: LAD at STL, 3:07, PST, Saturday, October 10th. 

Game 4: LAD at STL, Sunday, October 11th. 

Game 5: STL at LA, Tuesday, October 13th. 

The games, in addition to all the rest of the LDS games, will be televised on TBS.  So because “Frank TV” exists no longer, get ready to want to bludgeon George Lopez… again! 

- Vin vinscully-face.jpg

FINALLY!! Your 2009 National League West Champions!!

It took the team six tries, with the Trojans even winning more games during this span, and I think I also lost about 10 years of my life in that process, but they did it!  Clayton Kershaw made the Rockies’ offense look like little leaguers and continued to shut up the critics, tonight.  Kershaw stepped up and gave an amazing performance, going 6 IP, walking 3 and striking out 10, including striking out the first 5 hitters to begin the game.  He was practically Koufaxian for most of the game, as he shut down the hottest team in baseball.  Even better for him; this year, he can drink the bubbly! 

And, finally… FINALLY, it took 7 innings, but the offense awoke from their coma, scoring 5 in the 7th, and Broxton slamming the door.  The Dodgers clinch the NL West title for the second consecutive year (with it taking 10 more wins to do so), and home field advantage throughout the playoffs!  Time for St. Louis on Wednesday! 

But what the heck are you doing reading a blog, right now?  Go celebrate! 


- Vin vinscully-face.jpg