Dodgers of the Decade: Shortstop

Adrian Beltre wins at third base, which is no surprise. 48 homers and excellent defense will win you a lot of votes, I suppose.

Dodgers of the Decade team:
C: Russell Martin (68%)
1B: James Loney (62%)
2B: Jeff Kent (88%)
3B: Adrian Beltre (80%)

On to shortstop, where we have just three competitors - including one who was eligible at second base. Let me tell you, we just dodged the Angel Berroa bullet by a few games (he had 84 in 2008), and I would have artificially upped the threshold for eligibilty if I’d had to in order to avoid including him.


Alex Cora (644 games, 2000-04)
Dodger stats: .249/.318/.357 .675 27 hr 170 rbi
WAR: 2.8

Cesar Izturis (590 games, 2002-06)
Dodger stats: .260/.296/.336 .632 9 hr 176 rbi
WAR: 0.8

Rafael Furcal (483 games, 2006-09)
Dodger stats: .286/.354/.406 .760 35 hr 173 rbi
WAR: 9.3

Top three seasons
3.0 WAR Furcal, 2006
2.8 WAR Furcal, 2009
2.7 WAR Cora, 2002

Fun fact: all three players hit exactly 20 triples during their time as Dodgers. Furcal’s probably the “best” player, but he also played the fewest games here due to injuries. I’ve also been realizing as I’ve been going through the infield that there hasn’t been all that much competition for these titles; well believe me, that’s about to change once we get to the outfield.

Who’s the top Dodger shortstop of the 00s?

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