Claudio Vargas/files/includes/,.css Really?

I’m not entirely sure I remember writing this on Twitter late last night/files/includes/,.css but apparently I did:

I could have sworn I just saw say Claudio Vargas may be the 5th starter soon. Clearly/files/includes/,.css I have alcohol poisoning.

Well/files/includes/,.css at least it was legible and without typos. And apparently it’s true:

Vargas could take over fifth-starter role

BOSTON — The Dodgers’ fifth-starter shell game has a new/old name in play: Claudio Vargas.

In his first start for Triple-A Albuquerque on Thursday night/files/includes/,.css the right-hander allowed one run on a solo home run in three innings/files/includes/,.css with four strikeouts and no walks.

Vargas was signed earlier in the week/files/includes/,.css two weeks after being cut loose by Milwaukee/files/includes/,.css where he had a 7.32 ERA in 17 relief appearances. The three innings was his longest outing of the year/files/includes/,.css an indication the Dodgers will try to stretch him out and make him a starter again.

I think the only indication here is that the rotation is in serious trouble/files/includes/,.css hurt by the injury to Chad Billingsley and the poor outings of John Ely and Carlos Monasterios – and that’s without having any idea how Vicente Padilla will do in his return today. I guess I don’t really understand why people are all that surprised Monasterios struggled last night; he’s a Rule 5 pick who’s striking out just 4.1/9. The fact that he’s been able to stick in the big leagues without completely embarrassing himself/files/includes/,.css and with some small successes/files/includes/,.css is remarkable in itself. It says far more about the Dodgers that he’s been asked to start so much than it does about him.

As for Vargas/files/includes/,.css well/files/includes/,.css why not? I actually was sad to see him go last season/files/includes/,.css mostly because the trade made no sense at all. It’s not like he’d come up until he shows he can get hitters out at AAA/files/includes/,.css so that’s at least a few more turns of the rotation.

Really/files/includes/,.css I think people are looking at the problem here in the wrong way. The issue isn’t really whether guys like Ely/files/includes/,.css Vargas/files/includes/,.css or Monasterios can pitch like All-Stars. They’re your #5 starter/files/includes/,.css and there’s plenty of teams in the bigs who have even larger issues at the back of the rotation. No/files/includes/,.css the problem is having more than one of them in the rotation at the same time. Now/files/includes/,.css part of that will be helped when Billingsley returns/files/includes/,.css hopefully as soon as his 15 days are up. But if and until Padilla proves himself… well/files/includes/,.css everyone seems to want the Dodgers to get a Cliff Lee or a Roy Oswalt. I’m not going to go through the reasons again why they’re so unlikely; we’ve been through that. But even if the Dodgers were able to get one of those guys/files/includes/,.css it likely wouldn’t be for another month. Maybe what they ought to be doing is getting a lesser veteran who wouldn’t cost as much – sort of like Jon Garland last year – right now/files/includes/,.css just to solidify things.

And no/files/includes/,.css I’m not talking about Pedro Martinez. I want someone who’s actually pitched this year. I’m talking more along the lines of (and I’m just tossing names out without really looking into salary concerns or doing a ton of research) Kevin Millwood or Jake Westbrook. They’re certainly not the piece that’ll push you to a championship/files/includes/,.css but they may be the stabilizing force in the middle of the rotation that will keep things from imploding until Billinglsey is healthy and you can work on getting a top starter.

(Although if you really want a good laugh/files/includes/,.css go read some of the jokers on the Dodger Facebook page/files/includes/,.css replying to the Vargas story. I’m not sure how some of these people managed to even turn their computer on; I particularly like the suggestion that the Dodgers should trade Vargas to Florida for Josh Johnson.)

Of course/files/includes/,.css Tony Jackson has the perfect last word on the situation:

Even when he is ready to go/files/includes/,.css well/files/includes/,.css he is still going to be Claudio Vargas.

Yep. He sure is.


Ramon Troncoso got rocked/files/includes/,.css again. Travis Schlichting was effective/files/includes/,.css again. Whether you think Troncoso’s problems are that Torre ran him into the ground/files/includes/,.css that he was never that good in the first place/files/includes/,.css or both/files/includes/,.css there’s a roster move to be made today to activate Padilla/files/includes/,.css and it makes no sense to keep Troncoso over Schlichting. I’m not saying you demote Troncoso/files/includes/,.css but at least come up with an injury to get him some time off and away from the mound.


I’m sure some people will read this as arrogance/files/includes/,.css but these anecdotes from Jackson’s story on Manny make me think that Matt Kemp is just hilarious:

Before any of the real reporters could approach him/files/includes/,.css a phony one did. Dodgers center fielder Matt Kemp/files/includes/,.css holding his blue batting-practice bat like a microphone/files/includes/,.css immediately stuck it into Ramirez’s face and said/files/includes/,.css “How does it feel to be back in Boston?”

Ramirez gave Kemp about as much time as he was going to give anyone. After Kemp returned to the other side of the clubhouse/files/includes/,.css which was about seven feet away/files/includes/,.css he yelled at the assembled media/files/includes/,.css “Manny smells good today. If y’all get close enough/files/includes/,.css you can smell him.”


When Ramirez stepped out of the cage after taking his first allotment of hacks/files/includes/,.css he received another loud cheer. Kemp/files/includes/,.css who had followed Ramirez into the cage/files/includes/,.css who had his right back pocket hanging out of his uniform pants and who/files/includes/,.css like Ramirez/files/includes/,.css was helmetless/files/includes/,.css stopped after one swing and turned to wave an acknowledgement to the crowd/files/includes/,.css feigning as if he thought the ovation was for him.

No complaints about immaturity/files/includes/,.css old people. That’s good clean fun.


Yes/files/includes/,.css I saw that Garret Anderson hit a homer last night/files/includes/,.css and yes/files/includes/,.css it is making me reconsider the DFA-o-meter on the right sidebar/files/includes/,.css though not for the reasons you’d think. I still think he’s awful and want him to get cut/files/includes/,.css but since I don’t think the team will ever actually do it/files/includes/,.css I’m not sure I feel like updating it for the entire season.


Hey/files/includes/,.css Nick Green signed with Toronto. Hooray! Gone for good.

Can’t the Dodgers Just Play in Cincinnati All the Time?

The Dodgers have played five games in Cincinnati this year so far (despite not having made it to San Francisco even once yet/files/includes/,.css because that makes sense)/files/includes/,.css and they’ve scored 9/files/includes/,.css 14/files/includes/,.css 5/files/includes/,.css 12/files/includes/,.css and 6 runs. Sure/files/includes/,.css they’re just 3-2 in those games because/files/includes/,.css well/files/includes/,.css you remember what the pitching was like in April/files/includes/,.css but still: nothing’s more fun than watching a team break out of a prolonged offensive slump/files/includes/,.css especially when you’ve got Andre Ethier going yard for the first time since returning from injury (with three hits on the evening) and Manny Ramirez doing so for the second time in two days. Plus/files/includes/,.css James Loney is red-hot/files/includes/,.css knocking out fourteen hits in his last six games/files/includes/,.css seven of which have been doubles.

Of course/files/includes/,.css to focus only on the offense would be unfair to the newly-buzzed Clayton Kershaw/files/includes/,.css who made it into the 8th having allowed just one run and one walk. (According to the broadcast/files/includes/,.css Casey Blake shaved his head during the rain delay yesterday. Ha!) If not for Blake DeWitt booting an easy grounder/files/includes/,.css we might have been able to see him finish out the inning/files/includes/,.css but even so/files/includes/,.css the man just keeps humming along. That’s now 8 consecutive starts since his May 4 disaster against the Brewers in which he’s allowed no more than three earned runs. Remember/files/includes/,.css you probably heard a lot about how impressive Reds rookie Mike Leake was entering tonight’s game/files/includes/,.css and he certainly is. Just don’t forget that Kershaw is actually a few months younger than even Leake/files/includes/,.css and what he’s doing is phenomenal.

With the win and San Diego’s loss to Toronto (man/files/includes/,.css that didn’t feel right to type)/files/includes/,.css the Dodgers are now a half-game ahead of the Padres and the Braves for the best record in the NL – this/files/includes/,.css despite having just the 4th-best run differential in the NL West and the 9th best in the league/files/includes/,.css so it’s no surprise their Pythagorean record entering tonight was just 33-31. Still/files/includes/,.css I’ll take it.

Remember: early start tomorrow/files/includes/,.css at 9:35am Pacific – John Ely vs. Bronson Arroyo as the Dodgers go for the sweep. In other minor news/files/includes/,.css former Dodger Claudio Vargas (who I was oddly unhappy to see go last year) was signed to join the Albuquerque starting rotation.

Oh/files/includes/,.css and in case you were wondering what Scott Rolen and Dusty Baker were so mad about that caused them each to get ejected/files/includes/,.css this is the pitch which was called strike 3. It’s a gift/files/includes/,.css but I’ll take it!

Time to Love New Mexico/files/includes/,.css Justin Miller and Prentice Redman

If you haven’t heard/files/includes/,.css the Dodgers signed righty reliever Justin Miller to a minor-league contract today.  You’re probably thinking that I’ll be frustrated with this/files/includes/,.css as I have been with the rumors of the last few days. I mean/files/includes/,.css all of the signs are there/files/includes/,.css right? Signing an over-30 reliever with increasingly mediocre performances – and who is yet another ex-Giant/files/includes/,.css no less – is exactly the sort of thing I should hate.

But I don’t hate this. No/files/includes/,.css it’s not because Justin Miller is any good. If he’s good at anything/files/includes/,.css it’s being a poster child for how ERA (especially for relievers) can be unreliable. I guarantee that there’s Dodger fans out there who read about this signing/files/includes/,.css saw his 3.18 ERA/files/includes/,.css and think he’s a stud. Nothing could be further from the truth/files/includes/,.css of course. After spending 2006 in Japan/files/includes/,.css Miller’s pitched in at least 44 games in each of the last three seasons/files/includes/,.css the first two with Florida. How’d that work out? Well/files/includes/,.css there’s been a declining strikeout rate each year (10.8->8.3->5.7)/files/includes/,.css an increasing walk rate (3.5->3.9->4.3)/files/includes/,.css and an increasing homer rate (0.7->0.8->1.1). That nice ERA in 2009 was largely due to luck/files/includes/,.css since his BABIP was a far-below-average .227. Put that all together/files/includes/,.css and his FIP was 4.91/files/includes/,.css which sounds a whole lot more like it should be.

Still/files/includes/,.css as I said/files/includes/,.css I don’t hate this. Yeah/files/includes/,.css he’s not any good/files/includes/,.css but it’s encouraging to see that guys like this aren’t being evaluated strictly on misleading ERA’s anymore. And it’s a minor league deal/files/includes/,.css so how can I complain? With bullpen turnover so high from year to year/files/includes/,.css it’s smart to pile as many arms like this as you can in the minors. Besides/files/includes/,.css Vin Scully loves talking about Miller’s crazy tattoos whenever he’s faced the Dodgers in the past/files/includes/,.css so it’s hard to not want to root to hear that on a more regular basis.


From that same article/files/includes/,.css the Dodgers also signed Prentice Redman. Now/files/includes/,.css you’re probably asking the same question I am/files/includes/,.css and that’s “who the hell is Prentice Redman?” My first thought was that maybe it was former Pirates OF Tike Redman/files/includes/,.css and it turns out I was close – they’re brothers.

Prentice is 30 and his major league career consists of 3 hits in 27 plate appearances with the 2003 Mets. He did manage to get on the board with a homer among those 3 hits/files/includes/,.css and who was it against? Jose Mesa. Of course it was.

Since then/files/includes/,.css he’s bounced around between AA and AAA in the Mets/files/includes/,.css Nationals/files/includes/,.css Cardinals/files/includes/,.css and Mariners organizations without getting a sniff of the bigs. The minor league stats are impressive/files/includes/,.css though. In 2008 he hit 25 homers with a .920 OPS split between Seattle’s AA and AAA clubs; in 2009 it was 21 homers with a .900 OPS in AAA. Is he worth giving playing time to ahead of Xavier Paul if you need another outfielder in the bigs? Probably not/files/includes/,.css but if he can put up numbers like that in Tacoma/files/includes/,.css you can expect him to put up huge numbers in Albuquerque. On a minor-league deal/files/includes/,.css another fine signing.


Not to harp on something that probably wasn’t a big deal in the first place/files/includes/,.css but Vinny Rottino signed with the Marlins today. You may remember that he’s who Claudio Vargas was traded for in July/files/includes/,.css which I thought was stupid at the time. It didn’t get any smarter by the time of our off-season reviews:

Vargas went to Milwaukee and continued to excel (1.78 ERA/files/includes/,.css .530 OPS against)/files/includes/,.css Rottino went to Chattanooga/files/includes/,.css never to be heard from/files/includes/,.css and I still can’t find a good reason for any of it.

In exchange for Vargas/files/includes/,.css the Dodgers got a total return of 89 AA plate appearances. Because somehow that’s a fair trade.

MSTI’s 2009 in Review: Relievers/files/includes/,.css Part 3

Finally! This is the last player review segment of the year/files/includes/,.css and while I won’t pretend this one is the most interesting grouping of players you’ll read about all year/files/includes/,.css this whole series served its purpose. It allowed me to get some thoughts down on each player this year/files/includes/,.css and almost as importantly/files/includes/,.css helped fill some space between the end of the season and the start of the Hot Stove.

85toppscorywadeCory Wade (F)
(2-3/files/includes/,.css 5.53/files/includes/,.css 1.373 WHIP)

See Cory Wade in his picture over there? He looks sad. Sure/files/includes/,.css that’s a picture from 2008 (you can tell because of the 50th anniversary patch on his right arm)/files/includes/,.css but maybe he just looks sad because he knows that his 2009 will in no way reflect his excellent 2008.

Really/files/includes/,.css Wade’s 2009 stands as glaring proof of two truisms: 1) that except for the best of the best/files/includes/,.css reliever performances are incredibly volatile year-to-year/files/includes/,.css and 2) Joe Torre tends to crush his new favorite toy like he’s Lennie in Of Mice and Men.

Thus/files/includes/,.css Wade’s problems were pretty clear this year. He couldn’t stay healthy (two trips to the DL for a right shoulder that bothered him even in 2008) and he wasn’t very good even when he was available (huge increases in BB/9 and WHIP/files/includes/,.css huge decrease in K/9). That being the case/files/includes/,.css part of his problems is that he was never as good as he seemed in 2008 – a .227 BABIP is completely unsustainable and was a large part of why the ERA that looked so good (2.27) was nowhere near what FIP said he should have been (3.78). This year/files/includes/,.css his luck completely changed/files/includes/,.css since the huge increase in BABIP to .294 helped turn an already lousy FIP (4.40) into a much worse ERA (5.57).

You have to wonder how much of the blame for his injuries should be heaped on Torre/files/includes/,.css because we tend to forget how much Wade was worked in 2008. Even in April/files/includes/,.css Kensai and I were both ringing the bell on this/files/includes/,.css as I said at the time

Wade’s pitched in four games this season/files/includes/,.css and has been great in three of them (three scoreless outings of an inning apiece/files/includes/,.css allowing two hits) and awful in one (three hits and two runs in 1/3 of an inning). The poor outing was the only one that came on a back-to-back appearance/files/includes/,.css and since this is apparently the same shoulder issue that bothered him last season and in spring/files/includes/,.css you have to wonder: should we be treating him as the right-handed Hong-Chih Kuo? I’d rather live with an effective Wade who’s not available as often as everyone else than no Wade at all. Some guys just aren’t built for the constant workload/files/includes/,.css and you have to wonder if Wade falls under that category.

Wade/files/includes/,.css of course/files/includes/,.css never did come close to regaining his form for the rest of the year/files/includes/,.css and even worse/files/includes/,.css was horrible in the minors – allowing 17 ER in 22.2 AAA innings. He’ll still just be 26 when Opening Day comes/files/includes/,.css so his time has hardly passed. But he’ll likely have to prove his health in the minors again before he gets another shot at what looks to be a pretty loaded big league bullpen crew.

85toppsbrentleachBrent Leach (?)
(2-0/files/includes/,.css 5.75/files/includes/,.css 1.377)

Brent Leach is a left-handed pitcher who appeared in 38 games for the Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball.

Okay/files/includes/,.css I was tempted to just go with the Wikipedia-esque description and leave it at that/files/includes/,.css because I seriously have no recollection of Brent Leach doing anything meaningful for the Dodgers this year. Did he really get into 38 games? Jesus. My top memory of Leach is mainly the firestorm Kensai unwittingly set off by discussing his wife’s hilarious blog (which I can’t seem to find the link to anymore).

As for his pitching/files/includes/,.css he got the call from Chattanooga because he was dominating down there (1 ER and 17 K in 13 IP). Before you get too excited about that/files/includes/,.css remember that this was AA and he turns 27/files/includes/,.css well/files/includes/,.css today. (Happy Birthday!) Once he got to the bigs the strikeout rate was nice (8.4/9) but the homer rate much less so (1.3/9) and the walk rate was pretty bad (5.31/9).

Actually/files/includes/,.css he looks to have had control issues his entire career – only in 2008/files/includes/,.css as a 25-year-old in High-A ball/files/includes/,.css has he ever really been able to keep it below a walk every other inning. Still/files/includes/,.css some lefties are known to develop late/files/includes/,.css and he appears to have the stuff to miss bats/files/includes/,.css so if he can ever get a handle on that control/files/includes/,.css he might actually have a future in a bullpen to be named later.

85toppswillohmanWill Ohman (F)
(1-0/files/includes/,.css 5.84/files/includes/,.css 1.622 WHIP)

Oh/files/includes/,.css Will Ohman. I had such high hopes for you. I actually had first brought him up way back in October 2008/files/includes/,.css before any rumors had attached him to the Dodgers/files/includes/,.css in my 2009 plan:

Ohman’s a 31-year old lefty reliever and Pepperdine alum who’s made it into at least 56 games in each of the last four seasons with the Cubs and Braves/files/includes/,.css with ERA+ marks of 151/files/includes/,.css 112/files/includes/,.css 94/files/includes/,.css and 112. Plus/files/includes/,.css he’s absolutely murder on lefties (.571 OPS against in 2008)/files/includes/,.css which makes him unlike Beimel (who’s actually harder on righties) and Kuo (who kills everyone/files/includes/,.css but isn’t really a situational kind of guy).

So when he became another victim of the lousy free agent market and signed with the Dodgers late in spring training/files/includes/,.css I was thrilled (and had only mentioned it about eleven times in March during the whole song-and-dance).

But there were worries from the beginning. Having missed most of spring training/files/includes/,.css Ohman was behind in his conditioning and was hit hard almost immediately. In 21 games over the first two months/files/includes/,.css he got shelled/files/includes/,.css somehow allowing a .609 SLG and .979 OPS in that time. On May 29/files/includes/,.css he went on the DL with a sore shoulder/files/includes/,.css experienced pain in his elbow during the rehab/files/includes/,.css and finally ended up having shoulder surgery in September. So clearly/files/includes/,.css that didn’t work out/files/includes/,.css and his 2010 option was obviously declined.

Still/files/includes/,.css I’m sad it didn’t work out. He had high socks/files/includes/,.css which rule in their own right/files/includes/,.css but he was also one of the funniest players the Dodgers have ever had. You know it’s good when sportswriters are breaking their own rules by cheering for him/files/includes/,.css but also check out these two videos:

So long/files/includes/,.css Will.

85toppsclaudiovargasClaudio Vargas (C)
(0-0/files/includes/,.css 1.64/files/includes/,.css 1.000 WHIP)

Sometimes you sign a mediocre veteran to a minimum salary contract/files/includes/,.css and you hope for the next Chan Ho Park or Jeff Weaver.  Sometimes you get a nice surprise like that… and sometimes you get a guy who gets this written about him in spring training

I had a whole section on Claudio Vargas written out/files/includes/,.css mostly about how unlike Milton/files/includes/,.css Estes/files/includes/,.css and Weaver/files/includes/,.css he was given a major-league contract rather than just a spring training invite. But all that’s out the window after Monday/files/includes/,.css because Claudio Vargas has committed the unthinkable: he allowed a home run to our favorite fat sack of crap/files/includes/,.css Andruw Jones. That alone should disqualify him – and if it doesn’t/files/includes/,.css the three other homers he’s allowed in just 8.1 innings so far ought to. Odds: Andruw Jones’ weight times a hundred-to-1

…before being put on the 60-day DL with arm troubles/files/includes/,.css missing the first three months of the season. So to say Claudio Vargas was an afterthought is putting it lightly.

But then something crazy happened; when Vargas returned in July/files/includes/,.css he was good. Really good. In 11 innings over 8 relief outings/files/includes/,.css he allowed just 2 ER/files/includes/,.css struck out 10/files/includes/,.css and held opponents to a puny .184/.279/.263 (.542 OPS) line. Sure/files/includes/,.css it was only 11 innings/files/includes/,.css and nothing in his history suggested he could keep that up – I get that. Still/files/includes/,.css with the depleted Dodger staff at the time/files/includes/,.css any contributions were welcome.

So what happened? The Dodgers traded him for a 29-year-old backup catcher hitting .249 on Milwaukee’s AA team/files/includes/,.css Vinny Rottino. This didn’t make sense to me at the time

Believe it or not/files/includes/,.css Vargas has actually been pretty good for the Dodgers since coming off the DL. 11 innings isn’t much of a sample size/files/includes/,.css but he’s allowed only 11 baserunners and 2 runs in that time/files/includes/,.css with a nice 10/4 K/BB ratio. I’m hardly crushed that he’s gone/files/includes/,.css but did we really need Vinny Rottino? He’s 29 with all of 18 MLB games under his belt/files/includes/,.css and he’s so highly thought of that he’s being sent to AA. You almost feel bad for the guy/files/includes/,.css being a Wisconsin native and all/files/includes/,.css now being shipped out to Chattanooga.

No/files/includes/,.css what this feels like is a way to clear out a roster spot for George Sherrill/files/includes/,.css but there were better ways to do that. DFA Jason Schmidt/files/includes/,.css for one/files/includes/,.css and no/files/includes/,.css I don’t care that he’s tonight’s starter. Send down James McDonald or Scott Elbert/files/includes/,.css if you must/files/includes/,.css because you know that either one would be right back up in a week.

Vargas wasn’t great/files/includes/,.css but he was at least useful/files/includes/,.css while Vinny Rottino looks unlikely to ever play a single game as a Dodger. I hate to act as though I’m all worked up over losing Claudio Vargas/files/includes/,.css of all people/files/includes/,.css but this move just makes no sense at all.

…and it doesn’t make any more sense now. Vargas went to Milwaukee and continued to excel (1.78 ERA/files/includes/,.css .530 OPS against)/files/includes/,.css Rottino went to Chattanooga/files/includes/,.css never to be heard from/files/includes/,.css and I still can’t find a good reason for any of it.

85toppstravisschlichtingTravis Schlichting (inc.)
(0-0/files/includes/,.css 3.38/files/includes/,.css 2.250 WHIP)

Signs that your newest reliever may not have been a top prospect: when MSTI’s first mention of him was pointing out that his Wikipedia page showed him as a third baseman for the Devil Rays. (Actually/files/includes/,.css it still does. Doesn’t anyone want to go fix that?)

Schlichting actually had a pretty nice minor league season (in 29.1 IP across 3 levels/files/includes/,.css he allowed just 3 earned runs)/files/includes/,.css but the less said about his major league stint the better. He got into 2 June games/files/includes/,.css managing to walk 5 and allow a Ryan Howard homer in first major league at-bat. So/files/includes/,.css yikes.

Still/files/includes/,.css those minor league numbers are nice/files/includes/,.css and it’s important to remember that he’s only been a pitcher since 2007/files/includes/,.css having turned himself around from being a failed third baseman. He’ll likely start 2010 in the minors/files/includes/,.css but don’t be surprised to see him back in the bigs – and maybe even do well enough to get himself a real Wikipedia picture.


So that’s it! We’re done with reviews. I suppose I should probably write something up for Joe Torre as well/files/includes/,.css and I probably will at some point.  Damn it/files/includes/,.css why isn’t there VORM for managers?

At Least Vinny Rottino’s Hitting Over .400 in Chattanooga/files/includes/,.css I Guess

Checking in very quickly to ask a simple question about yesterday’s Vicente Padilla acquisition: remember when the Dodgers traded Claudio Vargas at the deadline for Vinny Rottino? I wrote at the time that it didn’t make sense:

Vargas wasn’t great/files/includes/,.css but he was at least useful/files/includes/,.css while Vinny Rottino looks unlikely to ever play a single game as a Dodger. I hate to act as though I’m all worked up over losing Claudio Vargas/files/includes/,.css of all people/files/includes/,.css but this move just makes no sense at all.

Now that the pitching is even more beat up than it was in July/files/includes/,.css doesn’t that make even less sense? As Vin said yesterday/files/includes/,.css it’s pretty low risk to get Padilla (the price is right/files/includes/,.css and it’s not like he’s starting a playoff game)/files/includes/,.css but when you’re desperate enough to go get Vicente Padilla/files/includes/,.css it makes you wonder just what the point was of trading a decent veteran arm for a useless minor league catcher in the first place.