Work At Dodger Stadium Progressing With Two Months to Go (Photo)


The picture above (click to embiggen to a much larger version) was taken earlier today by commenter and friend “Kewldood69″ — his legal name, no doubt — and it shows a Dodger Stadium that’s still very much a work in progress, precisely two months prior to Opening Day against San Francisco. As you can see, the areas down the foul lines past the dugouts are still completely torn up, as is much of the lower seating bowl, and the new scoreboards have only the very beginnings of framework. In the outfield, much of the wall is either boarded up or missing altogether.

I don’t doubt that it’ll be ready for April 1, simply because the new ownership has put such a priority on this and on repairing public relations, and it’d be a massive embarrassment if it wasn’t ready — so it’ll be ready. Still, there’s clearly much work to be done; it’s fun to see it progressing like this.

Welcome to Del Taco Stadium Brought to You By Carl’s Jr.

You know, you’d think that this

At least one party bidding on the Dodgers has inquired about the possibility of selling naming rights to Dodger Stadium, according to records filed this week in U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

…would really make me mad. (And judging by fan response I’ve seen, it sure does have a lot of people upset, which is why I’m talking about it.) But it really doesn’t. For one thing, we’ve heard these rumors for years – here’s an LA Times story from 2008 suggesting it – and it’s never happened. And as the Bill Shaikin piece notes, they can call it whatever they want. Fans are still going to call it Dodger Stadium no matter what happens. If selling out happens to bring in some additional cashflow? Well, no skin off my back. It’ll always be Dodger Stadium; the only parks that really have their corporate names used are the newer ones which were born that way.

Besides, it’s just due diligience. Of course a prospective owner is going to ask, and why shouldn’t they? It’s not the same thing as actually doing it – not that we know which bidder it was anyway – and it’s hardly the way to win over your new fanbase.

On the other hand, if it’s anything like what the excellent Grant Brisbee suggests

TMZ Park at Dodger Fields. The Dodgers Baseball Experience at Universal Studios’ Dodger Stadium. Death Row Records Stadium. Vivid Entertainment Fields.

…then maybe I could get behind it.

Dodgers To Host Semifinals And Final Round Of World Baseball Classic

This hasn’t gotten much press, but nonetheless… 

The battle for global bragging rights in baseball will be decided at Dodger Stadium next spring.

The Dodgers have been awarded the championship round of the 2009 World Baseball Classic, according to two sources not authorized to speak publicly in advance of an announcement.

First off, is anyone interested in the WBC?  And secondly, for the locals, will you try to obtain tickets?

- Vin vinscully-face.jpg