Dodgers of the Decade: Right Field

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Matt Kemp crushed the center field competition, winning 94% of the vote in what is by far the biggest romp so far. And there I thought Tom Goodwin really had a chance! Oddly enough, each of the other 8 guys got at least one vote.

Dodgers of the Decade team:
C: Russell Martin (68%)
1B: James Loney (62%)
2B: Jeff Kent (88%)
3B: Adrian Beltre (80%)
SS: Rafael Furcal (87%)
LF: Gary Sheffield (62%)
CF: Matt Kemp (94%)

Today is right field, and here’s a battle which I think is going to be extremely interesting. Will people go with their hearts and vote for Andre Ethier, who provided so many great moments in 2009? Shawn Green, who had some huge years in the early part of the decade? Or J.D. Drew, who despite being unpopular had the highest OBP and OPS of all three – and a better season than Ethier ever did?

Right Field

Shawn Green (798 games, 2000-04)
Dodger stats: .280/.366/.510 .876 162 hr 509 rbi
WAR: 18.9

Andre Ethier (580 games, 2006-09)
Dodger stats: .291/.363/.490 .853 75 hr 302 rbi
WAR: 8.7

J.D Drew (218 games, 2005-06)
Dodger stats: .284/.399/.505 .905 35 hr 136rbi
WAR: 6.4

Top three seasons
7.1 WAR Green, 2001
6.9 WAR Green, 2002
3.8 WAR Drew, 2006

The Dodgers may have had their issues at a lot of positions this decade, but you certainly can’t say that about right field, because all three of these guys are outstanding. It’d look even better if I’d included the 4th man who played 100 games in right field, Matt Kemp.

Who rounds out the starting lineup of the decade?

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