Santana: Still Not Goijg to LA

So, if you’re like me, you’re sick of the ongoing “Johan Santana to: Mets/Red Sox/Yankees” talks, because A. we’re all sick of those teams and B. this has been dragging on for months, now.

What’ll make that better? I know! An irrelevant blog (pot, kettle, yes, I know) pointing out several reasons why Santana could never come to LA, then saying – with no evidence – that Santana might be coming to LA. Love it.

Meanwhile, despite Santana’s protestations that he did not wish to play on the West Coast, the Los Angeles Dodgers’ similar statements that they are “tapped out for 2008″ and the advice that now-hitting coach Mike Easler told Gotham Baseball Magazine at the Winter Meetings that “Matt Kemp is goijg to be a star”, L.A. is creeping into the picture.

That’s right, Matt Kemp is goijg to be a star. So what you’re saying is.. Santana won’t come here; the Dodgers aren’t going to trade the players for him; and the staff is high on one of the players who’d likely have to be included.. yet the Dodgers are “in the picture”. Based on.. no quotes, proof, or other evidence.

Yeah, not buying it. Normally I wouldn’t even bother to post such unfounded crap, but, well, why are we here if not to pass along ridiculous Dodger-related (sort of) findings?

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