Urge to Kill… Rising.

Hey folks! MSTI here. I’m online from an unbelievably slow connection somewhere in Wisconsin. Yeah, I’m still away. But I just heard about the deal that went down, and I’m about ready to head out to LA and start busting some heads. I don’t have much time or bandwidth to delve into this deeper – I’m sure Vin will do so later – but let’s just say…


Just off the top of my head here, because I really can’t even access other pages at the moment:

1) Casey Blake is 35, and not a bad player, but one clearly on a downward spiral (check the yearly HR totals!)
2) Carlos Santana is the real deal!! He’s 22, and he’s got a .994 OPS and 96 RBI in 94 games in the minors. Plus, he’s a catcher. Are you kidding me? A young catcher who can hit? If you want to trade him for someone like Jason Bay, okay, maybe, but Casey Blake, really?
3) Jon Meloan has been terrible this year. Fine. His conversion to starting hasn’t gone all that well, as his 5-10, 4.97 ERA in AAA can attest to. But he’s still a damn fine prospect – just look at his stats relieving in the minors before this year.
4) What does this mean for third base? Is Blake going to be the new starter just because he’s old? Is this the death knell for any shot that Andy LaRoche had with the Dodgers?

Oh wait, I know. Blake will just play right field, so that Torre can find a way to bench both Kemp and Ethier at the same time.

Look, I don’t really mind getting Casey Blake. He’s a useful guy. I just think that what Colletti gave up to acquire him is mind-blowingly out of proportion. I would love to offer a more in-depth analysis of this, but I had to at least get this down.


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