Mike MacDougal Gets a Pity Date

Mike MacDougal, who signed a minor-league deal with the Dodgers today, probably ranks up there with guys like Matt Capps and Kevin Gregg on the “just because you get saves, it does not make you a great pitcher” scale. A few seasons of 20+ saves with the Royals have apparently earned him the right to be referred to as “former All-Star” in team press releases.

MacDougal’s not, you know, any good, nor does he seem to have any real chance of cracking a Dodger bullpen which is not only righty-heavy but also pretty stocked already. Over the last four seasons with the White Sox, Cardinals, and Nationals, he’s put up a 1.783 WHIP with a 99/95 K/BB ratio in 132 innings. That’s the kind of stuff which will play hilariously in Albuquerque, though he does still throw hard (94.7 MPH average on his fastball last year).

Of course, it’s just a minor-league deal with an invite to camp, so there’s really nothing to get worked up about. On the plus side, his middle name is “Meiklejohn,” which is actually pretty awesome.