Well, That Was a Bust

Want to know how my trip to Queens to see the Dodgers was yesterday? You can get a simple recap from these Tweets, after arriving during the 7th inning of Game 1:

First pitch I saw was a 2 run Mets single, Dodgers are getting shut out, and its freeeezing. Hooray?

Then, early in Game 2:

Its like ice station zebra out here. Literally too cold to tweet. Had to retreat to team store.

And after Jamey Carroll’s botched throw to home:

I’ve never left a game in the 6th inning before, but its painfully cold and the Dodgers look pathetic. Time to go.

Remember, you’re talking to a guy who braved Boston in January to watch an outdoor hockey game at Fenway Park, and this was nearly as bad (in no small part because in January, I was far more prepared with gloves, hand warmers, and whiskey.)

With that in mind, I can’t even pretend to be horribly upset about getting swept. I couldn’t even feel my hands while holding a hot chocolate, so I can’t imagine what it must have been like to pitch. That’s not to pretend that this team isn’t in trouble; it is, and it starts at the top, because Joe Torre has completely gone off the deep end.

In each game, 4 relievers entered after the starting pitcher. In Game 1, following Hiroki Kuroda were Jon Link, Ramon Troncoso, George Sherrill, and Ramon Ortiz. After Charlie Haeger left in Game 2, you saw… Troncoso, Link, Sherrill, and Carlos Monasterios. I’ll forgive the usage of Link, who we all knew was getting sent back down to make room for John Ely today anyway, but Torre’s abuse of Troncoso is bordering on the ridiculous. He’s on pace to get into about 115 games this year, and Dylan Hernandez’ constant usage of the ‘paging Dr. El Attrache’ hashtag on Twitter has gone from “humorous” to “terrifying”.

Even beyond Troncoso, Sherrill was brought into both games. Yet Ronald Belisario never appeared. Hong-Chih Kuo never appeared. Perhaps worst of all is his infatuation with Jonathan Broxton never entering unless it’s a save situation, because you’re constantly putting in lesser pitchers while your best reliever watches. Broxton’s pitched just 7 innings, which is exactly as many as Russ Ortiz, who was cut over a week ago. He’s entered one-half as many games as Troncoso. He hasn’t pitched since Saturday, and before that hadn’t pitched since the previous Sunday. What that means is in the last 12 days (since April 16) your best reliever has thrown all of 38 pitches. It’s just unfathomable.

Finally – and we’ll touch more on this soon – Jamey Carroll cannot be your shortstop if Rafael Furcal’s hamstring is serious. Not only did he show zero range on a grounder up the middle early in Game 2, his terrible throw home not only cost the team a possible 6-2-3 double play in a big spot, it blew the game wide open and basically ended the sweep right there. But hey, at least he’s hitting .214 and is signed through next year!

John Ely gets the start today, as we all knew he would. Let’s hope that someone – bats, gloves, or bullpen – shows up to support him.

Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This

Sunset over Dodger Stadium? Check.
Dodger victory fueled by a Russell Martin grand slam? Check.
Having the drive from San Diego take 3.5 hours because of ungodly traffic? Uggh.. check.


Vin will (hopefully) be here later today with actual baseball posts while I continue to have morning beers and lay in the sun.

MSTI Goes to Mecca

dodgerstadiumwide.jpgI’ve done MSTI game reports of Dodger games before (“MSTI goes to Queens“; “MSTI Goes to Philly“), but this one’s a little different, because on Thursday, I’m finally making it back to Dodger Stadium.

“Hey, dingus. You’re a Dodger fan, big enough to be wasting your time writing a blog about the team – presumably from your mom’s basement, as I understand all blogs are written from. What’s the big deal about you going to Dodger Stadium. Shouldn’t you go there like, 8087 times a year?”

Well, you’d think that, wouldn’t you. Yes, YOU. But living in New York City as I do, it’s actually the first time I’ll be seeing the team in LA in a very, very long time. (Don’t click that. It’s ugly.) Of course, I’ve seen them in about 9 different major league and spring training sites around the country in that time. So thanks in no small part to the massive and appreciated assistance of KABC’s Josh Suchon, I’ll be in the stands on Thursday against the Cubs.

As for who’s pitching that night… well, it was originally supposed to be Hiroki Kuroda’s turn. Of course, the liner he took to the head means he’s missing that turn (and maybe headed to the DL). At one point, Charlie Haeger said he’d pitch on two days rest (how can you not love a knuckleballer?!) so now it’s going to be Jeff Weaver… unless he has to go tonight because Clayton Kershaw has the flu, in which case Scott Elbert probably gets the start and Kuroda’s roster spot. Hey, who said being in first place would be easy? Off to the airport!

Vin will be your bartender through the weekend. Treat him well, he lives on tips.